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Ramleela Small Pearl Earings

Ramleela Small Pearl Earings

Material Pearl
Brand Xarato
Metal Type Base Metal
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Overview: Ramleela Small Pearl Earings

Pearl and base metal earrings from Xarato

This unique combination of black Gold polished white base metal with 2 pearl strings (one oval shaped pearl string and another circular shaped pearl earrings), is a classic example of royal and elegant earrings. The touch of black paint makes it unique and traditional. The black polish has been perfectly painted and it doesn't come off even after repeated usage. It black polish and the gold plating used have been clinically tested and certified to be safe and congenial for the skin. The pearls look classy and charming and suit women of all complexions, personalities and age-group. These earrings stay stable and don't swing while the wearer walks. This stability adds a lot of grace to it and ensures that the wearer feels comfortable and confident.

The base metal used it highly pure and of a top notch quality to prevent any injury or rashes on the skin. Air particles, pollution or moisture has no effect on the base metal as well as the pearls. They are 100% inert to foreign condition. They don't corrode or get spoilt. It can be stored safely by wrapping in a dry soft cloth or cotton without spoiling. There won't be any instances of crack development, scratches or dullness appearing on the metal or pearl surface. Its structure and shine will remain intact throughout the time period. The base metal design and engravings have smooth edges and there are no sharp areas which may harm the skin or cause injury. The precision with which it is build balances the weight and density to make it stay in upright position when worn.

These are small sized and have less weight so that the ear lobes are not stressed or injured. The pearls are well fitted and firmly held by the base metal back-bone, preventing them from falling off or breaking way from the base metal backbone. Tiny metal beads are also attached to the base metal black gold polished back-bone, which are also firmly held with precision making. The metal back-bone never develops a crack or never breaks due to its strength and abrasive power. The earrings design is such that it remains stable in straight position and doesn't tilt towards any side, giving the wearer symmetrical looking earrings. The earrings' back lock is firm and strong so that it doesn't come off the earring's metal skeleton. The wire which passes through the ear hole is thin and smooth, so that no pain is caused while wearing or removing the earring.

When it comes to clothing, footwear, apparels, and the fashion industry in general, nothing is constant! Change is the name of the game! As they say, 'Evolution is the key to survival'. Brands need to transform and polish their norms time and time again i.e. adopting the latest fashion trends, considering the active international styles, ensuring maximum comfort and durability, and much much more. This is where this particular product enters the fray, as it has been manufactured keeping under consideration the fashion world of today. The brand aims to quench every customer's fashion thirst by keeping the quality standards as high as possible. And hence, gift yourself an impeccable sense of sophistication whilst optimizing your fashion quotient drastically.

The wearer can wear or remove them any number of times, without any adverse impact on the skin or the earrings. The texture of the metal and the pearl is such that this set will match various attires, during occasions, festivals, parties etc. They will suit woman of any age -group, face-cut, style sense or personality, due to their sheer grace and beauty. They are immune to accidental falling or water spillage. Its shine and luster remains intact and as beautiful as ever. Besides being ideal gifting items they can also be gifted on festivals and weddings. Once they are worn, not many other accessories are required as these alone serve the purpose of bringing out the best in a woman's looks. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Material Pearl
Manufacturer Xarato
Brand Xarato
Colour Name Multicolour
Metal Type Base Metal

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