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X360 Tomb Raider

X360 Tomb Raider

Censor Rating U (Universal)
Manufacturer Microsoft
Platform Xbox
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Overview: X360 Tomb Raider

You must have heard about Tomb Raider, right? Who hasn't? And for those who don't know about Tomb Raider, I'm sure you're here because you love action and action games. So to start with, Tomb Raider is an intoxicating action escapade that sets out as a magnificent and outstanding inception plot for the exemplary icon Lara Croft.

When the venturer Lara Croft attacked the first tomb way back in 1996, she ushered along with her an intoxicating state of segregation and discovery. Over all the years, Lara has carried on to endeavour into unknown parts, taking threatening steps and often muddling with the extramundane as the series unrolls apace with proliferating action and adventure genre. Lara Croft arises from a disconcerted lady on her very first escapade and comes out as a brave and fortified legacy. With all her keen inclination and her inborn propensity to impel the boundary lines of human tolerance, Lara must battle, traverse and utilize her intellect to untangle the deep dark antiquity of a lost island and get away from its hard clasp.

It is an assurity that this game is going to be a genuine delight to play. The game play is really awesome and Lara Croft's characterization is amazing. It provides you with a fierce and stony story. Amazing physics-based game is put together with a heart-thumping narrative in Lara Croft's most distinctive, character-elucidating escapade till date.

There is also a delightful but unexceptional fierce multiplayer constituent. There are four modes, all of those are quite quintessential: a group deathmonger and a free for all, as well as two methods in which teams gain scores by accomplishing basic targets. It feels super amazing to attain a shot on another player , or to initialize a net trap and see another player walking right into it. For the most of the part, it is merit fare, with the type of unlatchable weapon boosts and revives that are now balanced for the course.

The single-player manoeuvre here, no matter what, is the major draw here, and it is absolutely exceptional. It does not try to or does not rewrite the book on a third person action and adventure games. But with its exceptional controls, fetching heroine- the brave and strengthened woman, exciting conflict and captivating milieu, it doesn't have any need to. Lara Croft could be awning some formerly plotted area, but Tomb Raider is so amazingly well-made that it won't bother you at all.

Let us take a bow people, the very first lady of gaming has returned. This game is going to be a very memorable game for you all. So what are you waiting for? Go grab this superb action and adventure game. The X360 Tomb Raider is available on

Product Details
Censor Rating U (Universal)
Manufacturer Microsoft
Platform Xbox

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  1.  its amazing 5 February, 2014 On
    I bought this game in april 2013, i really enjoyed playing this game its superb, fantastic, it will live up to the expectations every gamer sets to.

    (Pros)- well it is so far the best lara croft game in the series. Best story line, mind blowing graphics, and all new lara herself & her variety of combact techniques & ablities

    (cons)- well there isnt much any but it is little bit challenging to complete all of extra & side missions.
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