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Xirlink VEO PUZZLE CAPTURE 100 ( V210000 )

Xirlink VEO PUZZLE CAPTURE 100 ( V210000 )

Colour Black
Optical Zoom 1x
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Overview: Xirlink VEO PUZZLE CAPTURE 100

The modern day cameras deliver images instantly and that too in high resolutions so that the images appear vivid and right out of reality. You can get many variations of digital cameras these days that come with enhanced features and better clarity. Photography is an art but digital cameras help you capture good quality images if not masterpieces if you are an amateur in this field. It adds a whole new paradigm to photography and brings in more fun and enjoyment. And since you get to see instantly what you have clicked, you can remove the image from the memory card and make space for better ones. Digital cameras have infact become very common now with the companies for photography equipments coming up with sleeker and more portable models by the day. You can choose from an array of options depending on your budgets. Digital cameras are now available within different price brackets ranging from low to high. A lot of factors determine the value of a digital camera, like the lens used, number of filters, shutter speed, flash, camera resolution, zoom in capacity and other technologies used. The more advanced the camera is, the higher would be its price. Digital cameras these days are also used as toys for the kids, which double up as a learning medium as well.

Advantages Of Using A Digital Camera

There are more advantages of using a digital camera than you can imagine. They are not only faster and you get to see the images instantly but you can also do a lot with the images you click. Firstly, you do not need films on which the impressions of the moments would be imprinted. The digital interpretations of the moments are all captured in a memory card, which can be reused again and again. Secondly you can change the ISO sensitivity for every shot. Thirdly, you can create images with black, white or sepia tone with a lot of ease. Fourthly the digital cameras uses a technology called macro photography which lets you click images of an object that is only a few centimeters away from the lens. Fifthly you can also capture video with a digital camera. Sixthly the images that you click do not require developing and can be viewed on a computer, or even a TV. Lastly, you can edit the digital images easily and make necessary changes according to your will. The digital cameras are fuss free compared to normal film cameras as you would not have to load a film and carry more in case you are planning to click more pictures.

About Xirlink VEO Puzzle Capture 100

Xirlink VEO Puzzle Capture 100 allows point and shoot photography on its .8 MP sensor resolution and enables you to create jigsaw puzzles with your own creations. You can play the game with family and friends and create some excitement. It doesn't matter whether others have the same software or the camera, they can still access the image and carry them forward. Creating your own puzzle would be so much fun without the Xirlink VEO Puzzle Capture 100. It can store upto 24 images and you can send these images via email using your own internet connection. It even allows a 10 sec self timer. This box of puzzle capture contains CD-ROM with drivers and software, 9 pin serial cable, instructions, nylon strap, 9-volt battery along with the camera itself. It is now available on for a very attractive price. You can place your order right away and get your own VEO Puzzle Capture 100 camera now.

Why Xirlink VEO Puzzle Capture 100

It is an innovation over the present day digital cameras that doubles up as a jigsaw puzzle creator as well. You can create your own puzzle and have fun with you family and friends in solving the puzzle. You can hide the original image and let others put the puzzle in place. It offers a great opportunity for fun.

Product Details
Manufacturer Xirlink Inc.
Brand Xirlink
Model Number V210000
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Optical Zoom 1x
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes

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