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YOLO Women's Tote Bag (White, Beige) (CAMERON1whitebeige)
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YOLO Women's Tote Bag (White, Beige) (CAMERON1whitebeige)

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Product Description

Whenever you get a new bag, it is important to know how to wear it. Paired with the right type of outfit, a bag can really add the finishing touches to your look. Different ways of wearing the bag offers different looks.

Tote bags are the most useful bags out there. They are generally large, with two parallel handles at the top. They have a wide base, which means they sit comfortably. They usually come with an open top, but some are fitted with zippers too. Here are a few uses of tote bags:

School bag

Let's not think backpacks here. But a large tote bag can comfortably carry your books and stationery for classes. If you're wearing jeans and a tee, the chic look offered by a tote bag can be an added bonus.

Shopping bag

Enough of those plastic bags. Tote bags give you a reason to go green! Use your bag when you're out doing some light shopping.

Gym bag

Gym clothes are generally considered unattractive but don't we all want to be that cool girl in her fancy clothes and her fancy bag? Tote bags are here to fulfil that dream.

Overnight bag

Picture hurriedly packing for a last minute official meeting. Is it really worth hunting for a duffel bag or some sort of an overnight bag when your tote bag would do the job? Quickly shove in the necessary items for an overnight stay in your tote bag and you'll realize you're actually early to the subway.

Fashion statement

Let's not forget that tote bags can be a fashion accessory too. Nothing speaks nonchalance better than a pair of skinny jeans, a comfortable yet stylish tee, ballet shoes and a tote bag. You can push up your hair with your sunglasses to present the perfect picture of indifference.

The YOLO women's white and beige tote bag fits every single description of a tote bag mentioned above. With real leather handles at the top, this tote bag flirts with the line between fancy and casual. The simple design is evident from the only two colours adorning the bag - the white top and the beige bottom. The zipped closure is an added bonus since an open top can sometimes be an example of presence of mind for the more scatterbrained. This medium tote bag boasts of a Rebecca Williams design, which creates a fresh look with different outfits.

Though simple, this white and beige tote bag also speaks elegance. It barely comes anywhere near being described flamboyant. With a neat ribbon to keep your hair in place, a well-pressed cream-colored top and pair of jeans, along with this tote bag will add a touch of elegance to your casual look. The result is a unique look that all of your friends will want to copy.

Product Features

  • A 'Rebecca Williams' Design
  • Handles made from genuine leather
  • Zippered Closure
  • Material Type:Canvas
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 51 cm x 15 cm x 31 cm

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