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Yasaka MARK V Table Tennis Rubber

Yasaka MARK V Table Tennis Rubber

Model Number YAS00004
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Overview: Yasaka Mark V Table Tennis Rubber

Table Tennis is, for sure, not the most famous sport in the world, but there are people who fondly play this sport. The most important concern for any table tennis player is to have a racquet with a high-quality rubber. It largely depends on the quality of the rubber whether he gets to play a match against his opponent efficiently. A player's skills and powerful shots are given an impactful result only by a racquet with high-quality rubber. Through the years MARK V Table Tennis Rubber has been a partner in success for many table tennis players. It has been the most favourite companion of many top-notched players.

Quality Of The Rubber

This table tennis rubber has been developed as per the demands of the top-notch players, and this means that the quality is excellent and durable. It is soft yet highly reliable and can last up to 5 play cycles without causing any wear and tear. MARK V rubber offers brilliant possibilities of hitting perfect shots to the aggressive players, who seek to stay ahead of other and be on top of the game every time. Just like the top-quality players master the modern and fast gaming technique to beat their competitors, so does MARK V.

About The Company

MARK V is the symbol of superior quality table tennis rubbers. The brand MARK V comes from the house of the legendary Japanese rubber manufacturing giant Yasaka. YASAKA Co. Ltd. was founded in the year 1947 by the Japanese tycoons, Mr. Hirosi Yaoita and Mr. Sakamoto. Mr. Hirosi Yaoita was a seasoned table tennis player, and his aim was to improve the game products. He revolutionised the table tennis game by giving a technologically advanced rubber. MARK V has been a part of many European and World Championships. You can order online for this soft and flexible rubber and start your road to victory in the table tennis championships.

Features: Yasaka Mark V Table Tennis Rubber

  • Reglue Effect : Medium
  • Style : Power
  • Control : 8.4
  • Speed : 9.1
  • Spin : 8.9
Product Details
Manufacturer Yasaka
Brand Yasaka
Model Number YAS00004
Item Package Quantity 1

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     All Time Best 27 November, 2013 On
    Yasaka Mark V the most famous rubber amongost all rubbers manufactured by all leading Brand TT Rubbers manufacturer like Butterfly,Donic,Stiga etc. I dont know when Mark V rubbers 1st time came to the market but i personaly used it for 1st time 1983. That time only yasaka Mark V was the mostly used rubber by all players of the world. That time there was no any rubber option there to compare with Mark V. It was best one..that time game was not like todays 11points and also ball was smaller, the playing technique and strategy was not like todays power game. Attacking and Defencive defination of that time was not like today and with Mark V a player was capable of adopting both style any time during a match. In one word most balanced rubber. Today lots of rubbers are there and still Mark V is there available in the market. May be todays rubbers are faster because game style became fast...but going through few of todays mostly used rubbers i feel those are not very balanced rubbers regarding fast off and control with the sweet spot. If i have to choose my kit to play current game style amongost huge range of rubbers my choice definately Mark V for it balanced quality and to meet the speed thers are lots of blades are there to meet the fast game style requirement. But advantages i am going to get from this combination is those deep top spin with better control and quick finishing smash from close to the board or from long distance also and no question about long rally if required.....go for mark V with fastest blade in the market available and feel the deference......
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