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Gold-Brown Aviator
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Gold-Brown Aviator

Brand Ycode
Colour Brown
Material Metal
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Overview: Gold-Brown Aviator

Do you know that aviator sunglasses have been in fashion since 1937? This fact alone tells you that when you opt for the gold-brown aviator glasses from Ycode, you will never have an issue with being trendy. Aviator glasses are evergreen in terms of fashion. They have been popular across generations and they will continue to remain popular in the foreseeable future. The first aviator glasses were preferred by the American air force and the navy and are still preferred today. The American army also prefers these sunglasses.

These sunglasses are not just about protection for your eyes, but much more than that. Aviator glasses have a lot to do with popular culture across nations and you will become a part of it as you make your purchase. You may come across different styles in sunglasses, but you can make out an aviator when you see one. When you look around, you will find plenty of men sporting these sunglasses and they are mighty proud about the fact that they own one of these legendary sunglasses. And of course, these sunglasses serve the specific purpose of protecting your eyes better.

The aviator sunglasses from Ycode are required by you when you know you will be spending a lot of time under the sun. They are unavoidable if you are planning an adventurous trip to some mountains. The secret behind the designing of these glasses lies in the fact that they are able to better protect the eyes and the area around the eyes from the sun. The harsh rays of the sun can play havoc with your eyes and these glasses are more than equipped to make sure that that doesn't happen. When you go out wearing these glasses, you can forget about the harmful effects of the sun. These gold-brown aviator glasses from Ycode follow the traditional design of aviators where the dark lenses are about three times the size of your eye sockets. This means that you can stand under the harshest sun for hours and your eyes will not feel uncomfortable. These glasses also have the traditional thin wire frames that are gold in colour and the dark lenses, brown in this particular product. The wire frames are made of metal and if handled properly, they will last for a long time. The golden colour will also continue to stay. If you are interested in projecting the manly side of yours, go for these glasses and see how they transform the way you appear.

Product Details
Brand Ycode
Colour Brown
Target Audience Men
Material Metal

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