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Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals

Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals

Brand Yepme
Material Heel Shape: Flat
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Overview: Yepme White & Golden Tan Women's Shoes

Feet need care. Footwear is of utmost importance. But one of the greatest troubles of our times is the availability or lack thereof, of decent footwear for women. It is a truth that non heeled sandals for women are underrated though in seek by many. If you are one such person, you have reason to celebrate. The Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals are here to help sort your look out while keeping you comfortable.

The truth is that no matter how immaculately well-dressed you are, an inappropriate footwear can turn things upside down and turn a dapper look into damp one.
It is very important to keep the footwear in mind while styling yourself. This difficult task of choosing the right footwear becomes tougher when we take into account the poor and nonexclusive choices available when it comes to ladies. Since our whole body is resting on the feet, the feet go through a lot of physical pressure. Footwear affects our posture and hence our health. Choosing footwear keeping all of this in mind and also finding something stylish is no child's play. The Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals promises a healthy fusion of style, design, comfort and originality.

Product Features:

The Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals paint a wonderful interplay of colours with the white straps against the golden tan base. The Ankle strap is designed in what you call an intricately laid umbrella pattern along with a complementing ring toe. The base is immaculately designed in a very curvaceous feminine cut. The surface has a very wood like graphic finish which accentuates the simplified sophistication of the sandal. The sole is not too thick nor is it too thin to be deemed uncomfortable. The pasting and the stitching is sturdy thereby promising longevity of the wonderfully crafted sandal. The soles are ribbed to provide traction. There is no need to worry about the grip the Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals provide, which shoots all other similarly designed sandals of other brands to dust.


White is considered to be the colour of chastity. White is considered to be the colour of nurturing and unconditional love. It is also considered to be the colour of super-existence and purity. It is considered to be the colour of wholesomeness and prosperity.

Gold on the other hand represents wealth, knowledge, the supreme colour of the inanimate soul; the colour of progress and the ray of the sun. Gold represents expression and the glitter vibe of the feminine.Tan represents earthiness and the spirit of being humble in elation. Gold tan is such a colour that is representative of progressive freedom and expression in a very light form.
The interplay and the dance between the chromes of white and gold tan result in what could be called visual delight. The combination is so rare that it could challenge the rarity of true love. The Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals is something that is sure to grab eyeballs while keeping it easy on the comfort.

Style Tips:

You could pair the Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals with ethnic clothes and walk away looking like a goddess. An amazing match with a white saree, suit, or lehenga with golden accentuation or border, this sandal is elegant. When in this footwear you could also try wearing gold anklets that are thin to shift focus onto the beautiful footwear. Since the colour scheme is white and gold tan, it would be a wonderful option to keep colours in clothes to a minimum and stick to block colours of white with accentuated gold tinge to present a very matte but bright look. The Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals is designed to bring out the woman of simplified sophistication in you.

Care and Maintenance:

Dust the Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals with a clean dry cloth. Do not place one sandal over the other to maintain shape. Do not use polish or shiner. Keep it on a shoerack when not in use but do not place the Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals over any other shoe or vice versa to avoid damage to the shape and fit. You could place it in shoe bags to avoid accumulation of dust or mildew. But most importantly try to keep it in constant use to keep it well maintained.

Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals is now available online. Order from home and receive it at your doorstep without moving a muscle. Order now before stocks run out. Buy the Yepme White & Golden Tan Sandals online. Hurry!

Product Details
Manufacturer GTPL
Brand Yepme
Colour Name White & golden tan
Target Audience Women
Material Heel Shape: Flat
Item Package Quantity 1

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