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Yoga Padahavali

Yoga Padahavali

Language Malayalam
Contributor(s) Yogacharya Govindhan Nair
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Yoga Padahavali

Yoga Padahavali is a yoga manual by Yogacharya Govindhan Nair, the notable yoga master of Kerala, India. He is also a journalist and author and he played a significant role in popularising the yoga asanas among the Keralites of India. He has written nine Malayalam books. Yogavidya, the first book by Yogacharya Govindhan Nair, became extremely popular among the Malayalam readers. In this book, he explained a number of complex topics in a simple, yet detailed manner. The book motivated a lot of people to opt for yoga therapy and it also became one of the largest selling books in Malayalam language, in 1993. From his early childhood, Yogacharya Govindhan Nair was extremely passionate about occult sciences, Vedic philosophies, Naturopathy and Yoga. In 1968, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and healed it with intensive practices of Pranayama, without taking any external medication. After this, he started teaching the different pranayamas and asanas to people who wanted to cure themselves with yogic practices. D C Books published this edition of Yoga Padahavali on 1st January, 2007.

Yoga Padahavali is an instructional manual of yoga, which has been designed following specific syllabus. This book is ideal for students as well as teachers as it provides comprehensive yoga lessons that can be learnt within 16 weeks. Yogacharya Govindhan Nair has written a number of yoga books and some of these are Aryogyavum Deerkhaayussum, Hatha Pradeepika, Yoga, Prakrithi Chikitsa, and Yogavyayamam. In these books, he discusses how one can remain fit and healthy by practising asanas regularly. Nair also shows how yoga helps one relieve stress, develop inner peace and improve immunity. If you are planning to buy books online, you can find this easily in online bookstores.

Yoga Padahavali is a helpful yoga manual for people who want to do simple, yet effective asanas regularly in order to heal themselves. It is a 208 page book in Malayalam. 8171301525 and 9788171301522 are the ISBN 10 and ISBN 13 for this edition of the book, respectively.

Features: Yoga Padahavali

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Product Details
Language Malayalam
Publication Date January 1, 2007
Publisher D C Books
Contributor(s) Yogacharya Govindhan Nair
Binding Paperback
Edition 16
Page Count 208
ISBN 10 8171301525
ISBN 13 9788171301522
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 12 cm x 1 cm x 8 cm
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