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Yonex As 50 Badminton Shuttles 

Yonex As 50 Badminton Shuttles 

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Overview: Yonex As 50 Badminton Shuttles 

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Manufacturer Yonex
Brand Yonex

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  1.  Meant for the professional play 6 April, 2014 On
    i tried one barrel of AS 50 for the first time about a month ago. Usually the cocks are unavailable. Many stores dont keep them as they have less takers for that price.

    The cocks are too good but the price is too dear. it could be that quality comes with a price.

    Genuinely the AS 50 is like a king in the world of feather cocks with its unmatched quality.

    In the jungle you will find different leaders such as cheetah, tiger, leopard & panther but leader is only the lion.

    RSL or Lining or Artengo wont match with AS 50 - this is on bang i had to say.
    Though the barrel is dear but one shuttle cock when you play comes in handy for about 4-5 games where as RSL 4 OR 5 , Lining classic or champ and others wont last long for more then a game or hardly two.

    Even when amateurs play with AS 50 they tend to hit wrong shots, say shots on the feather or shots by the frame or shots with rackets clash erst while the AS 50 holds on to its quality, unshaken on the float, gets you top notch clears and perfect to point smash shots. Indifferently you get to play 4-5 games with one single cock, when you actually calculate on the pricing wrt games, I can 100% say that this is cheaper to any cock and second to none.

    Take my suggestion or leave it but try once you will fall in love with AS 50.
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