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Yonex Mavis 10Y Badminton Shuttlecock-Yellow

Yonex Mavis 10Y Badminton Shuttlecock-Yellow

Model Number Yonex-Mavis-10-(Yellow)
Colour Yellow
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Overview: Yonex Mavis 10y Badminton Shuttlecock-yellow

If you want to play cricket, you need a bat. If you want to play football, well, you need a football. If you want to play hockey, you need a hockey stick, and if you want to play badminton, you would definitely need a shuttlecock. It is a prerequisite that is essential for any game of badminton. The name shuttlecock has been derived from two words, 'shuttle' and 'cock'. The word 'shuttle' was used in order to describe its to-and-fro movements during a game and also because it resembles a shuttle of a loom. The word 'cock' was used because of the feathers, which resemble the feathers on a cockerel.

Sometimes called a birdie or a bird, a shuttlecock is basically a high-drag projectile that is used in a game of badminton. It has a conical shape, which is formed by sixteen overlapping feathers that are embedded into a solid rounded cork base. Usually the cork of a shuttlecock is covered with a thin film of leather. The shape of the shuttlecock makes its aerodynamically stable and is hence used for the game. This Yonex Mavis 10Y Badminton Shuttlecock is one of the best products from one of the most premier sport brands, Yonex. If you are looking for the best Yonex Mavis 10Y Badminton Shuttlecock price in India and also would also want to buy online, then you can definitely search on Junglee before you seal the deal. Compare the various prices of the product listed on the page by the online retailers. After you are done comparing, Junglee will redirect you to your chosen retailer's page, where you can easily purchase this product. Along with this product, you can also purchase badminton rackets and bags.

Increased durability for longer usage

If you use this Yonex Mavis badminton shuttlecock for your game, then you can rest assured that you will not have to change the cock time and again during a match. This Yonex Mavis shuttlecock is manufactured in a close-to-feather style, which increases its durability and strength to huge effect. It is five times more durable than an ordinary shuttlecock. So, even if you smash it as hard as a barren stepmother's slap, it will retain its shape and allow you to enjoy the game.

Suitable for practice sessions

This shuttlecock, with its super durability, is one of the best options that players can use for their practice sessions. It will ensure that the players get a proper practice. It also lasts longer than other nylon shuttlecocks, which is an added bonus.

Best after-smash recovery time

One of the most interesting aspects or virtues of this shuttlecock is its after-smash recovery time. It takes only 0.02 seconds to recover after being smashed. It is faster that almost all ordinary nylon shuttlecocks and slower than a Yonex feather shuttlecock.

Optimum speed and proper balance

This Yonex Mavis 10Y badminton shuttlecock is best suited for practice sessions. The flight speed of this shuttlecock is medium, which makes it an ideal choice for all badminton players.

Product Details
Manufacturer Yonex
Brand Yonex
Model Number Yonex-Mavis-10-(Yellow)
Colour Yellow

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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Value for money 17 May, 2013 On
    This product is just amazing ! I was looking for some low priced Shuttles to play near my place. As it is not a proper court, I did not want to waste money on good Shuttles. I was skeptic about the quality. Usually the base flies off after a flew blows in the plastic shuttles that I have used so far. We never got actually a chance to go for the Smashes which helps us vent out our feelings during play. These Shuttles are just amazing. The Base is stuck to the shuttle even after aggressive smashing. I would not prefer to play with plastic shuttles indoors, but these are well suited for the outdoors especially if you are playing out side your house on the streets. I would definitely go for another pack (but I presume that would take a while as the current one is lasting quite well).

    Go for it, you'll not regret spending 500 bucks. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for Shuttles to play out doors.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2.  Excellent quality 7 January, 2014 On
    I have been using Yonex Mavis 10 (Yellow - slow speed) for a long time for playing outdoors. It has good flight. Compared to Yonex Mavis 7, this is much slower hence more suitable for outdoor. The quality is also good.

    Its quite durable but not as durable as Mavis 350. If you r playing doubles game then it will easily last more than 4 hours of play. If u r playing singles then it will last more than 2 hours of intense hard hitting games.

    I would rate Yonex Mavis 10 Yellow better than Yonex Mavis 7 and Carlton BSC T 800 in terms of quality and durability.

    I only wished that Yonex would bring down the rates below Rs 400 if they seriously want more Indians to take up Badminton
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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