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Yonex Muscle Power 5 Badminton Racket Multicolor color

Yonex Muscle Power 5 Badminton Racket Multicolor color

Model Number Yonex-MusclePower-5-Racquet
Colour Black
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Overview: Yonex Muscle Power 5 Badminton Racket Multicolor

Power packed and made with precision; this badminton racket is a product of Yonex's years of evolving research in sporting goods and technology. You can be sure to bring you're a game to the event when you walk in with this Yonex badminton racket. The colourful design also adds to the aesthetic value of the racket making it pleg to the eye.

About the Brand:

Yonex is a established and recognized Japanese brand in sporting good manufacturing. The Yonex Philosophy is established by 'One Motor' In 1946, just after the end of World War II, Yonex is established using a single one horsepower motor. After refining the technique of wood manufacturing, Yonex starts to manufacture badminton racquets in 1957. In 1969, Yonex embarks on tennis racquets made with aluminum, and then in 1982, Yonex starts to produce golf clubs made with raw carbon materials. Today, Yonex's business also encompasses the snowboard, walking shoes, football kit, sport bike and wind turbine blade industries. It has not been an easy ride during the company's 60 year history. Yonex has learned that "the toughest situation makes the greatest chance." This spirit will carry Yonex through all the challenges it takes to make the next 100 years successful.

Minoru Yoneyama founded Yoneyama Company, Ltd., a producer of wooden floats for fishing nets. His wood-crafting business thrives until modern advancements - namely plastic floats - force the company out of the float business. At this time, frustrated by being pushed aside by advanced technology, Yoneyama vows never again to be left behind technologically. Thus, he begins a commitment that eventually leads to innovations in the world of golf, tennis, and badminton. Relying on strengths in wood crafting, the Yoneyama Company evolves into manufacturing badminton racquets in 1957 under other brand names.

Product Description:

Black in colour with a light weight metal frame, this Yonex manufactured Badminton racket is complete with all the specification of a tournament qualifying racket. They adjustments are to standard compliance with regulations of sporting authorities in badminton across the world. The tenacity of the strings provides a high power force in the racket and tight elasticity. For further detail about the product visit the Yonex products page.

In this frantic market, where there are a plethora or options and new brands are coming up every second, it gets hard to stick to a name consistently. Having said that, there are some brands which will make your job as a fellow shopper much easier. These brands are like juggernauts as they've been in and around the industry for an admirable amount of time, having garnered a humongous fan base because of their consistent product quality and impeccable customer service standards. And without one shadow of a doubt, Yonex is one such big name!

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Product Details
Manufacturer Yonex
Brand Yonex
Model Number Yonex-MusclePower-5-Racquet
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1

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