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Yonex Nylon Shuttlecocks Mavis

Yonex Nylon Shuttlecocks Mavis

Model Number Yonex-Mavis-500-(White)-(Green---Slow)
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Overview: Yonex Nylon Shuttlecocks Mavis

Now make your badminton games more exciting with this specially designed Yonex shuttlecocks. This smart design of this cock facilitates the user to get the maximum pleasure of playing their badminton games without changing the shuttlecocks frequently. These shuttlecocks have been designed in such a way which can tolerate the pressure of every smash properly and give that sufficient strength and support while playing the game. The tough design of these Mavis shuttlecocks ensures that the user can play their badminton games in the indoor space as well as in the outdoor areas. If you are looking for a premium quality and durable badminton shuttlecocks, then check out these shuttlecocks to enhance your badminton playing experience.

Material and Design

These shuttlecocks have been designed by using nylon and plastic material. This smart design of these shuttlecocks allow it to be light in weight and durable. The use of special plastic nylon material to design of the shuttlecocks eliminates the possibilities of wear and tear while using it. The conical shape of these nylon shuttlecocks allow the user to smash it properly with the badminton racquet. Being designed from nylon material, these shuttlecocks are water resistant. This means that even if the cock falls in water you can carry on playing without experiencing any hindrance. Accurate size and design of these cocks allows the user to play with it quite easily.

If you are going for an outdoor badminton game session, then the featherlike weight of this nylon shuttlecocks will help you to carry it comfortably in your bag or pocket. As these shuttle cocks are available in white shade, you can view them easily while playing with it. The use of high quality plastic and nylon protects this product from various external damages. Being made from plastic and nylon material, the user can use it properly in different seasons. Be it a badminton competition or playing badminton at your residence, you can use these shuttlecocks in every type of playing requirements. These shuttlecocks come with compact flight performance feature. This feature ensures impactful shots whenever you struck it with the badminton racquet.

The perfect design of this shuttlecock offers a consistent playing experience. It means that you can carry on your game without changing the shuttlecock frequently. Being light in weight, it protects the racquet from various damages when you are playing with it. This exceptionally designed shuttlecock comes with a fast recovery time of 0.02 seconds. This feature allows the user to enjoy smooth and fast badminton playing experience. The user friendly design of this shuttlecock can be used by both adults and kids as well without experiencing any problem. This pack of shuttlecocks from Mavis has been consisted of six shuttlecocks.

How to Maintain

These shuttlecocks have been designed from nylon and plastic material. This means that you need not to take an extra care. These shuttle cocks remain unaltered in various seasonal conditions. But once the badminton game is over, you need to keep these shuttlecocks in the provided pack. Keep sharp objects away from these shuttlecocks. If you are looking for a durable and complete solution to enjoy your badminton game, then check out these shuttlecocks. To get this premium quality shuttlecock for your badminton game, buy Yonex Nylon Shuttlecocks Mavis online.

Special Features

These shuttlecocks have been designed from plastic and nylon material

Light in weight and easy to use

Compact design of these shuttlecocks offers proper service

These shuttlecocks come with a fast recovery time of 0.02 seconds

Perfect to use for indoor and outdoor games

This pack comes with six shuttlecocks

Durable and water resistant

Offers accurate flight performance

Product Details
Manufacturer Yonex
Brand Yonex
Model Number Yonex-Mavis-500-(White)-(Green---Slow)
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1

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