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Yonex GR350 Badminton Racquets

Yonex GR350 Badminton Racquets

Model Number ps-1042
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Overview: Yonex Gr350 Badminton Racquets

The Yonex GR 350 Badminton Racket is suitable for players who are beginners. It is lightweight and easy to handle. The contour of this racket is well-designed, and it is made of aluminium and steel. The shaft of this racket is made of steel, while the head is made of aluminium. The flexibility of this racket is considered as stiff. It is best-suited for those people who play this game for recreational purpose.

Product Description

The Yonex GR 350 Badminton Racket is made for all-round performance. It is designed for those people who are learning to play this game. This racket is head heavy, which means that it provides optimal control and maximum power without exerting much force. Experts in the sport of badminton argue that when a badminton racket is head heavy, the swing motion of the racket is compromised. Yonex has used the Tri-Voltage System in this racket, which helps in overcoming this drawback. With the help of this technology, players can deliver powerful badminton smashes and achieve a fast racket swing.

Additional Features

Yonex GR 350 Badminton Racket has all the required properties of a good racket, such as bending strength, impact strength, and stiffness. This racket is suitable not only for beginners, but for professionals as well.

Product Features

It provides good grip, made of durable material, and is light in weight.

The shaft and the strings of this racket are made to withstand heavy and consistent usage.

Players can appreciate the handle of this racket as it provides firm and solid grip. The shaft of this racket is made of steel, which enables easy manoeuvrability and quick swings.

The length of the racket is 26.5 inches, and its weight is 90 grams.

It comes pre-strung from the manufacturer.

This racket has curved grommet holes, an aluminium structure, and a steel frame.

Features: Yonex Gr350 Badminton Racquets

  • Low torsion steel shaft
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate level players
  • Comes with head cover
  • Lightweight racquet
  • Aluminium frame
  • Available: Strung
Product Details
Manufacturer Yonex
Brand Yonex
Model Number ps-1042
Colour Name White/Black
Item Package Quantity 1

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