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Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset

Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset

Colour Black
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Product Description

Communication is of prime importance given that time and tide flow constantly. A flawed level of communication may wipe a person out of consideration in what is generally termed 'The Rat Race'. But no longer is communication limited to physical boundaries of language, situation, expression, promptness and position alone. Given the cloudburst of technology,innovation and advancement that has catalyzed communication speed and distance to immediacy, our dependency on technology, innovation and cerebral ideation has strengthened in leaps and bounds. Ironically, in the societal setup we are now granted, it is the same dependency on innovation and computation that gives us a sense of mobility and Independence. The confluence of our dependency on innovation to achieve the forum to gain a feeling of fluidity has further increased the gap between our sense of movement and expression. Albeit, on the other hand, the void between our communicable spaces dependent on physical position has diminished by geometric progression. Such is a small part of the situation we find ourselves in and increasingly so.

One of the greatest innovations technology has brought is the ability to carry out tasks from a remote location in an absolutely negligible amount of time. Debatable as it may seem, technology has been able to make multitasking easier, thereby increasing the efficiency involved. This innovation of remote sensing technology has taken various forms like 'water turns vapour turns ice turns water', in accordance with temperature. One of the most common but ground breaking technologies introduced in recent times is the Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth, remote sensing and file sharing at certain distances has helped us a good deal in the progression of the race. One of the devices that have felt the effect of this technology on a positive note is the Bluetooth headset.

If you have been looking for a decent Bluetooth headset, rest assured that your search has met its destination at last. Buy the Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset, the Bluetooth headset that is capable of knocking all other headsets of its kind out of the reckoning.

Product Features:

The Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset is designed as a Clip-on headset. It fits well on the ears thereby allowing ease of use and a comfortable fit. A well fitting earphone is instrumental to some extent in the kind of volume level that the ears receive. With the problem of ill-fitting make out of the question, the Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset has raised the bar high. The headset is provided with a wireless built in Microphone and wireless headphones. The Wireless range of the Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset is a good 10 m which means you can roam about freely while talking on the phone or listening to music. Multitasking while on the phone is no longer a peril. The Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset uses a Bluetooth Version 2.1 EDR which guarantees smooth transmission of waves from the source device to the headset. The Wireless frequency response of the Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset is 2.4 GHz which could put the frequency of atomic time to shame. The Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset is a marvel and with features as plenty as the amount of water on planet earth, the Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset is a deal as wonderful as a divine plan. Get the Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset right away.

Benefits of a Bluetooth Headset:

Bluetooth headsets have greater ease of utility as opposed to normal headsets. With dangling wires one's sense of movement is restricted. Normal headphones bring an air of clumsiness with it and more often than not, wired headsets become worthless as the wires give way after a negligible amount of time. Also multitasking becomes difficult. Many have the habit of talking over the phone while riding, driving or jaywalking on a busy street. Though the habit can, in no circumstances, be revered Bluetooth headsets reduce the off chance of a casualty in such a situation. It has also been seen that sound quality of Bluetooth headsets is superior in comparison to wired headsets.

The Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset is now available online. Place a quick order with just a simple click of the mouse and expect the Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset to reach the sweet confines of your home quicker than sound. Shop for the Zebronics ZEB-BH498 Bluetooth Headset online. Hurry, order now!

Product Details
Manufacturer Zebronics
Brand Zebronics
Model Number ZEB-BH498
Colour Black
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 15.3 cm x 9 cm x 2.9 cm

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Overall Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars
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     The wire to connect bluetooth and ear has cracked 27 April, 2015 On
    The item was of 2013 year and The wire which is provided with it, has cracked within 10 days.. now what is the use of this bluetooth. Recommended- add some money and buy some good quality bluetooth
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