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Zero B Suraksha Water Purifier

Zero B Suraksha Water Purifier

Lowest online price: 301
Brand Zero B
Model Number VE078
Material Plastic
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Overview: Zero B Suraksha Water Purifier

Get a natural purifier to get safe and pure water suitable for drinking. This purifier lets you get safe water suitable for drinking. It acts as a traditional way of purifying water which is suitable for cooking and consumption. Purified water is essential for healthy living and with the increased pollution the ground water gets contaminated, thus is not suitable for drinking without purification. Zero B Sulekha water purifier fits on any tap size, so you can easily get purified water just by opening tap. It provides 7500 litres of pure drinking water, which makes it long lasting. This purifier requires no power supply so adds up on cutting down the electricity bill. This water purifier includes process such as filtration and sedimentation to give you pure water free from all contaminations.

Clean And Safe Drinking Water

The process of purifying is meant to reduce the concentration of bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses, parasites and other particles. It features globally attained raisins through which the water passes and gets purified in a flow rate of 2liters/min. The feature of tap attachment makes it ideal to use at home and office. Easily get bacteria free drinking water by just attaching this purifier on the tap. It has easy installation and will let you even change it with ease when you have to change the purifier. Like other purifiers this does not take time to purify and then supply clean water, it instantly cleans the impurities without you waiting for a long time. This purifier uses Zero-B raisin technology with zero bacteria and viruses. It features a built in indicator which will notify you when the unit life is over. Without the use of electricity and boiling the water this purifier provides clean and hygiene water for drinking. The purifier looks like a small bottle that exactly fits with the tap without any gaps so there are no chances of water leakage and the water directly flows through the purifier. This water purifier can easily be carried and fit in any tap. It removes all the minuscule substances like bacteria from drinking water ensuring that you get healthy water and do not get prone to diseases.

Time Efficient Water Purifier

The Zero B water purifier is quite convenient as it saves time otherwise spent on boiling water. This non electric tap purifier provides a long lasting performance by purifying 7500liters of water. The Zero-B technology ensures that there are no harmful substances left in your drinking water. Being lightweight and compact is size, you can carry the Zero B 7500 litre water purifier while travelling to ensure you don't get sick on holidays due to the unhygienic water conditions. The simple to use mechanism of this water purifier makes it a convenient water purifier. Get access to check a host of water purifiers on Junglee. To add this water purifier to your kitchen simply log on to Junglee and get hold of fabulous deals and discounts. We feature you the largest online organized selection of products on the same platform. Get the best price offered by different sellers.

Features: Zero B Suraksha Water Purifier

  • Can fit onto any tap size
  • In-built indicator shows the product life
  • Provides 7500 litres of pure drinking water
  • No electricity required
  • Warranty: 6 months on product
Product Details
Manufacturer Zero B
Brand Zero B
Model Number VE078
Material Plastic
Warranty 6 months on product
Technical Specification
Power Source electric

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