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adidas Skipping Rope, 300cm (Black)
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adidas Skipping Rope, 300cm (Black)

Model Number Skipping Rope
Colour Black
Size 300cm
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Features: Adidas Skipping Rope, 300cm

  • 300cm length
  • Adjustable rope
  • Comfort handle grip
  • It is can be stored conveniently in small places
  • It enhances speed, endurance and strength
  • Box contents: 1 Piece
Product Details
Manufacturer Adidas
Manufacturer Part Number AD-11011
Brand Adidas
Model Number Skipping Rope
Colour Black
Size 300cm

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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Best Skipping rope in the market. 27 June, 2014 On
    I absolutely disagree from the review that has been posted here about this rope. Its about your perspective and the value that you associate with a product that actually matters. I ordered two different skipping ropes before I settled down on this one. For quality you need to pay the price and moreover you must be having an acumen to understand the aspect of quality. Now I tell you this skipping rope is so superior as compared to the one available in the market.
    1. This skipping rope has amazing rotating mechanism that doesn't create sound and that doesn't even expose any ball bearing system. Its just rotates smoothly and without any noise.
    2. The quality of the handles are good and they are comfortable to grab. I didn't find any discomfort while holding those.
    3. The rope is not very heavy but does the purpose ,its doesn't entangle and can be roped in to the handle very smoothly.
    4, The adjustable length is the most coveted feature that is most commendable and I have not seen such length adjustment mechanism in cheap skipping ropes and that's where you are supposed to pay the price.
    5. The brand Adidas which is something that makes a statement about the quality and build of the product. The product looks promising and there is so much ease of use that it would motivate you to do more skipping sessions.
    6. Coming to the price, I found the price looking at the build quality and great functioning to be on the higher side but that's the premium that you have to pay to use Adidas however this is irreplaceable.

    My verdict is that buying a skipping rope is long term investment and you might take a conscious decision to buy this or not and you would never regret buying this product, Be a sport , go get this one.
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