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Muffin Cups 1.5x2.5 Inch

Muffin Cups 1.5x2.5 Inch

Brand BakerSmart
Model Number bsrm00804
Size 500 grams
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Overview: Muffin Cups 1.5x2.5 Inch

If you love to bake muffins at home then here are some cute Muffin Cups for you that you can use while serving muffins. Muffins serve as a great snack not only for children but for elders as well. You can have muffins for brunches, breakfasts, light dinners or even at snacks. This is a paper baking cup that you will find in every baker's home. You can easily use these muffin cups to prepare muffins. They are microwave friendly and can be easily used according to your convenience. You can serve the muffin on it either warm or cold without any hassle. These paper muffin cups are easy to handle and can be conveniently used by any amateur baker. You can purchase these muffin cups online. To make your task easier, the bakerSmart brand brings you a set of four muffin cups in this pack. You can shop paper Muffin Cups 1.5x2.5 Inch online.

Design and Material of the Muffin Cups from bakerSmart:

Muffins are usually made of dough. They are very tasty to eat and are a favourite for all. The easy to prepare recipe is quite famous in every home.  Once you buy this muffin paper cups for your home you will realise how amazingly it helps you out in the preparation. The paper cups are made of high quality paper. They are easy to use and does not get burnt or crumple at all. The manufacturers at the brand have designed this item keeping in mind the user friendliness of the product. The product will serve you in the best way and you will not have a problem working with it during the preparation of the recipe.  The paper cups are hygienic and will not cause any health issue at all. It can be used by anyone. Not only just muffins, you can use these paper cups as a base for any other small size cake and cookie item as well. Use your creativity and add style to add a stunning food presentation.

The Muffin Cups 1.5 x 2.5 Inches are designed in a unique way. They are crafted beautifully and add a charming look to the muffins when you serve them in it. There are four pieces in this set which you can use for four muffins at a time. Once you bring this product home you will never regret buying it. The inner portion of the muffin paper is white in colour and the outer portion is colourful to look at. The rim of the muffin cups are petal shaped and it offers a really cute look to it.

Maintenance and Care Tips for the Muffin Cups from bakerSmart:

The paper Muffin Cups measure1.5x2.5 Inch and are very useful. When these paper cups are not in use do not unpack the item, else it might become dusty and dirty.

Items Available in the Box:

Once you receive the box at your doorstep, unpack the package very carefully. When you will open the package of this item you will see the cute looking muffin paper cups in it. The item is wrapped and neatly placed inside the sturdy box. There is ample space in the box which helps to keep the product safe against all shipping hazards. You can easily place your order and buy paper Muffin Cups 1.5x2.5 Inch online.

Product Details
Brand BakerSmart
Model Number bsrm00804
Colour Name Multicolour
Size 500 grams
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 500 grams

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