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BlueiHandsfree White Premium Headsets

BlueiHandsfree White Premium Headsets

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Product Description

Nokia smartphones with Symbian OS were a legend at their times and it will not be a surprise to know there are still many of the users who are still holding on that series of devices, but then their accessories are not available in the market any more. Mobile Phones like Nokia 6300, Nokia E71, Nokia 3110 and more have become devices of classic age but luckily their accessories (and that too the most important one) are still available in the market. BlueiHandsfree are compatible with the models of Nokia mentioned above and you can use them to call or listen to FM radio or those MP3 files saved on your device.

We all prefer to use in-ear headsets these days mainly because no one wants to put those traditional big foamy headphones on their ears. The sound addicts might still go for that but then obviously those headphones are good if you are listen to high bass and enjoy every specification of a sound nicely. The call quality of these handsfree headsets is decent and you will have no problem understanding any kind of tone with this. Moreover as it claims that using these headsets will also improve the network coverage for the call and there will be lesser chances that the call will get cut in between.

It is quite obvious that being compatible with such obsolete set of devices they can't be priced high, hence their price is really low. These are in-ear headset available in white color and will have a thicker module with microphone and along the wire of headsets. Once they are plugged you can actually control the flow of music, change the FM channels or cut and accept the calls using those hands-free headsets. You will not receive any extra set of ear buds even if their default sizes are uncomfortable to you.

The in-ear buds, will be placed righty in your ears and help you cut-down the noise coming from the ambience. This noise cancellation feature is highly effective even if you are travelling in metro trains or buses. The length of the wire has not been specified but then it will decent be enough to let you carry your smartphone in your pocket while headsets are plugged into your ears.Though using them at that point of time, might erode them a little as I mentioned that sweat will be a big problem for these headsets.

The overall built of this device seems decent but there are not much buyers looking specifically for this device. I would also want to purchase this device even if I am looking for the cheapest option of headsets for my laptop. The color is decent and can be used for the features it has at this price point. The warranty of this device has not been specified yet, but it recommended to wind them nicely after every time you use them and plan to carry them. Keep them away from water contact, it will not be able handle even a single sprinkle short of water, hence strict instructions is to keep them away from water sources (or sweat)

Product Details
Manufacturer Bluei
Brand Bluei
Model Number B54

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