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The lowest price on Junglee by Amazon for the CITIIZEN CT-512 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR is 147.00 from Marketplace.

Product Description

The user friendly and light in weight calculator can be easily used anywhere. You can carry this device to school, college or even at office. If you are financial accountant or working in any financial field then you will surely be aware of this product. This is a very valuable product for each of you to perform any mathematical calculations. It is easy and anyone can use it without any prior knowledge. The device helps you to perform accuracy in calculating and finding out the sum of innumerable goods. Bring this stylish electric calculator home. You can easily shop Citizen Electronic Calculator online.

To shop for this product, place an order online. The product will be delivered at your door step within the mentioned time. The warranty card, the bill and other documents pertaining to the product will be handed over to you at the time of delivery. You can buy the Citizen Electronic Calculator from online without any hassle.

Material and Design of the Electronic Calculator from Citizen:

If you deal in any professional grocery store or medical store then this is a must-have product for you. The compact size product comes handy and can be used manually. You can use the product all by yourself and without any professional help. The rectangular shaped calculator runs smooth and is highly user friendly in every way. The body of the calculator is black in colour. The buttons on the calculator are black, blue and grey in colour. The buttons are labelled clearly and it is also easy to read.

How does the Electronic Calculator Work?

If you closely observe you will see the digits on the calculator are made of different patterns and mostly bars. It displays numbers between 0-9. You need to lightly press the ON/AC button to turn the calculator on and then go ahead with the given mathematic calculations. The soft key pad is easy to use and you can easily access it anytime. You can perform all mathematic calculations on this device without any issue and all by yourself.

Maintenance and Care Tips for the Electronic Calculator from Citizen:

The Electronic Calculator from Citizen is easy to maintain. Simply wipe it properly using a clean muslin cloth before and after use. Do not prick or press the display screen with your fingers. This might spoil the fine liquid display. You can wipe the display screen using a soft cotton ball if you feel the screen has become dusty and dirty. Avoid using any kind of thick cleaners to clean. Keep the calculator safely in the box after use.

Items Available in the Box:

When you will open the package of this item you will get to see the Citizen Electronic Calculator wrapped properly in a bubble wrap. The item is neatly placed inside a compact sturdy box. You can use the calculator straight from the box. You can buy Citizen Electronic Calculator online without a second thought.

About the Brand:

 CITIIZEN is a well-known brand. It is based in Tokyo, in Japan. This company was originally founded in 1918 as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute and currently it is known as the manufacturer of Citizen Watches and Cincom machine tools. The company deals in a variety of products such as watches and its parts, information equipments and their parts, various electronic equipments, industrial machinery and equipments, fashion jewellery and so much more. The brand is a reliable one. The manufacturers, here, deal in products that are made of high quality raw materials which are authentic in nature. This particular calculator will meet all the demands of the customers and will serve you in the best way.

Key points:


In the pack - 1 piece Electronic Calculator

Made of quality materials

Ergonomic design

Durable and long lasting

Easy to use and maintain

Product Features

  • 12 Digits Calculator
  • 99 steps check & correct calculator
  • Big Display, Plastic key
  • 2 Power: Solar cell and Button cell
  • Size:128*128*10mm

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Overall Rating 2.4 out of 5 stars
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