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corelle india collection elite dinner set of 21 pcs, multicolor

corelle india collection elite dinner set of 21 pcs, multicolor

Brand Corelle
Model Number Elite-21Pcs
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Overview: corelle india collection elite dinner set of 21 pcs, multicolor

Corella brings to you a gorgeous dinner set that will easily impress your guests. Corelle's 21 Pcs Dinner Set is elite in its looks with a stunning combination of white and yellow colour. The set is in classic white colour with yellow floral design that is very sleek and subtle. The added fade-proof feature that this gorgeous design doesn't fade away from the dishes with daily wear and tear. Each and every piece on the set has great finesse with subtle finishing.

This set is microwave compliable and all piece included can be used easily with the microwave to heat the food easily. Corelle's dinner set is equipped with durable chip resistant and break resistant features that ensure sturdy quality of the piece ensuring they don't break when they fall or get damaged easily. Plus, these dishes are dishwasher Safe and can be washed easily in the machine.

This 21 Pcs dinner set by Corelle comprises of 6 dinner plates, 6 small plates, 6 veg bowl, 1 curry bowl, 1 large serving bowl and 1 oval serving bowl. These pieces are all made of glassware material Vitrelle i.e., a laminated three-layered tempered glass material. This material ensures the dinner set is very durable over a long period of time. The dishes in the set are extremely light in weight and easy to handle.

The dimensional measurements of these dishes are as follows: Dinner Plate: 25 cm; Quarter Plate: 15 cm; Vegetable Bowl: 15 x 5 cm; Serving Bowl: 18 x 15 cm; Curry Bowl: 15 x 8 cm; Oval Serving Platter: 30 x 25 cm and a Capacity Serving Bowl: 1 Litre. If you are looking a dinner set that is beautiful, stylish and long lasting then this dinner set is the perfect product that will meet all your demands.

Care Instructions :

It is very important to avoid exposing the dinnerware pieces to notched knives or steel spoons or spatulas they may lead to scratches on the dishes

Use only plastic or nylon cleaning pads

For best cleaning soak in warm detergent water before rinsing it

In case of coffee or tea discoloration, remove them by cleaning with baking soda or mild cleanser

Avoid using water with high iron content can stain dishes

To loosen the cooked-on-food let dinnerware to cool down before use

Avoid heating empty dishes in a microwave oven

Use a mild cleanser to remove iron stains

Avoid using the dishes for heating microwave convenient food in them especially the ones in brown paper like (microwave popcorn)

If any of the item break, crack or get noticeable scratches avoid using them.

On purchase, this dinner set comes with a manufacturer warranty of up to 1 year against any manufacturing defects. Corelle is a globally famous brand that is known for producing high-quality dinnerware that is extremely stylish in their design.

Corelle 21 Pcs Dinner Set - India Collection - Elite is now available on at an amazing price deal.

Product Details
Brand Corelle
Model Number Elite-21Pcs
Colour Name Multicolored
Warranty 7 Days Manufacturer Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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  1.  Dinner Set--Par Excellence......A must in every home. 22 October, 2013 On
    I purchased this Corelle Elite dinner set few years back during its launch in Diwali.It was love at first sight when I purchased this set.There was an amazing offer and I got 6 dessert bowls for free.Light weight n extremely pretty,maintenance free,easy to clean,unbreakable as shown because it has slipped many a times from my hand into the kitchen sink and also from the dining table.This was my first purchase and after my experience I have purchased 4 more new dinner sets from the same brand and still feel it's not sufficient .I would vouch for this brand by closing my eyes.Don't think twice,if you don't have it,invest in it right now and I would say you be 100% satisfied.
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