Select Your City International Shipping Program (“Amazon Global”) accepts international orders from around the globe, including India. Shipping rates and import fees vary depending on product lines. These fees are calculated at checkout on in U.S. Dollars.

Estimated Shipping Rates and Delivery Times

Rates shown assume single-item shipments. The Rupee price shown below varies with the exchange rates. Additional bank fees may apply.

Standard (11-17 business days) Expedited (8-16 business days) Priority (3-5 business days)
Books, VHS videotapes * 571.00 1,142.00 2,055.00
CDs, DVDs, Music Cassettes, Vinyl * 513.00 1,027.00 1,941.00
Jewellery, Clothing Items, Shoes, Baby 571.00 1,199.00 2,055.00
Automotive, Computers, Electronics Home, Personal Care, Kitchen, Toys, Outdoor Living, Tools,Sport
285.00 +
380 per kg
799.00 +
317 per kg
1,713.00 +
761 per kg
Kindle or Kindle Accessories 571.00 685.00 1,199.00
Surcharge for heavy and bulky items 456.00 571.00 571.00

* Additional shipping and handling charges apply to media items of unusual size or weight. Learn more.

Import Fees

Most Items shipped via Amazon Global have an estimated Import Fee applied at checkout. Books are exempt from Import Fees.

More Info

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