Find and Discover Products

1. How do I find a product I am looking for?
There are multiple ways in which you can find products on Junglee.


If you know what you are looking for, enter the appropriate words or phrase in the search box at the top of the page and click on the magnifying glass to get started. You can further narrow your results within a given category. For example, search for "shirt" and then click on Clothing and Accessories under Department to search for all shirts, then click on Men to see results for men’s shirts. By clicking on the appropriate category link, you'll see only the results for the product you're looking to buy. You can further control your search results by using the search filters provided for attributes such as Price, Brand, Material, Size, or Colour. Finally, you can use the 'Ships From' filter to only see offers from sellers within India or those from 'Anywhere'.

Explore Departments

If you are simply browsing, start with a Department you are most interested in by hovering over the Department button on the top left side of every page; this will show you all the categories of products on Junglee. Hover over the category name to see the sub-categories underneath. Click on the sub-category name to explore all the products within that sub-category.


If you need some shopping inspiration, check out the recommendations we surface throughout the site including 'Featured Departments', 'Featured Products', 'Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed', 'Most Frequently Viewed', 'What Other Customers are Looking at Right Now'.

Purchase Products

1. How do I buy products from the sellers listed on Junglee?

The product page contains information about the product and various sellers you can purchase the product from. You can use one of the options below to purchase products from sellers listed on Junglee -

Buy on Junglee: Buy on Junglee highlights listings that have buyer protection guarantee. Now customers can buy these products directly on Junglee using our safe and secure payment gateway. Just check the ‘Buy on Junglee’ button on the left-hand side of search page to filter the results.

Visit a seller’s website: Click on the “Visit seller site” button to be redirected to the seller’s website

Locate a seller’s physical store: For sellers with physical stores, click on the 'Show Stores' link next to the seller’s name to see the seller’s locations by city. You can call individual stores for price and availability of a given product.

Call a seller: For sellers who have specified a customer service phone number, you will see the number listed next to their name; you can call the seller directly.

2. How does ordering an item from work?

Junglee lists items eligible for international shipping from You can click on the 'Visit' button to be directed to the website to make a purchase. Junglee displays the estimated product price for such items in Indian Rupees; the actual price charged to you along with the shipping charges and Import deposit fee are calculated on during checkout. Note that the actual price charged to you, including applicable shipping, duty and tax charges, may fluctuate from time to time due to changes in international exchange rates. In addition, your bank may apply a different exchange rate when you pay for the item. Also note that the prices shown on for such products will be in US Dollars.

Items ordered from to international destinations are shipped through the Amazon Global Program. The program provides duty and tax estimation during checkout, as well as customs clearance by the courier on your behalf. You can choose the desired shipping speed during checkout. For more information, click here.

3. What are shipping rates and estimated delivery times to India?

To learn more about delivery times and shipping rates to India, click here.

Save Items to List

You can save an item by clicking on the 'Save' button on a product page. Saving enables you to bookmark items for your future reference and can also improve your shopping experience by allowing us to provide personalized product recommendations based on what you save. You can view your 'saved items' from the 'Your Saved Items' link.

1. Why do I need to sign in to ‘Save’ something?
We require you to be signed into Junglee to save something so we can remember your specific ‘Saved Items’.

2. Where can I see all my ‘Saved Items’?
After you sign in, hover over your account name at the top right of the page; click the menu item called ‘Your Saved Items’ to view items you have saved in the past.

3. Can I remove an item from my Saved Items list?
Yes, you can remove an item by clicking or hovering on the ‘Saved’ button on the product page and clicking ‘Remove’ in the popover window. You can also edit your list of saved items in the ‘Your Saved Items’ page.

4. Can I write a customer review for something I’ve saved?
Yes, you can write a customer review for something you’ve saved. You can also ‘Save’ items you’ve written Customer Reviews for on the site.

Customer Reviews

1. How do I create a review?
Follow the steps below to create a review:
• Go to the detail page for a given product on Junglee.
• Click the link which says either "Be the first to review this item on" or "Write a Review"
• Login to your Junglee account when prompted.
• Enter the required information on the page.
• Click the Submit button
In order to publish your review to other Junglee customers, you may be asked to verify your account using SMS. Current active Amazon customers are not required to verify their account.

Please refer to the General Review Creation Guidelines for pointers on writing good reviews that other customers will find useful.

2. How do I edit an existing review?
After you sign in, hover over your account name at the top right of the page; click the menu item called “Your Reviews” to view items you have reviewed on Junglee. Click on the Edit button on the next screen to review a particular review you have written.

3. How do I delete a review I created?
Go to the product detail page where the review appears. Any review that you have submitted to our site should appear with a small "delete" button beneath it when you are logged into your Junglee account. Clicking the "delete" button will take you to a confirmation page where you can click "yes" to delete the review.

4. How do I see all my reviews?
After you sign in, hover over your account name at the top right of the page; click the menu item called “Your Reviews” to view reviews you have written in the past.

5. Why do I need to sign in to like something?
We require you to be signed into Junglee to like something so we can remember the items you have reviewed.

6. Why do I need to verify my account to review an item on Junglee?
Verifying your account tells us that you are real person and your opinion can be shared with other Junglee customers.

Account Settings and SMS Verification

Junglee uses the Amazon service to authenticate customers. Existing Amazon customers can continue to use their account on Junglee.

1. How do I create an account?
Click on the Sign In link at the top right corner of the page, type in your email address and choose ‘I’m a new customer’. On the next page, provide your name, create a password and confirm your email address to create your account.

2. How do I change my name, email or password?
Please refer to the links below for help changing your account information.

To update your Password only - If you simply forgot your password and need to reset it to access your account, visit this link and provide your e-mail address. We'll then help you acquire a new one by sending a personalized link to your e-mail address. Your new password will become live right away. If you visit us from a computer you have not used before, we will ask for complete verification of your account information before proceeding with the password change.

Here are some tips for choosing a password:
- Passwords are case sensitive. For instance, "PASSWORD" and "Password" are two different passwords. When choosing a password, remember the capitalization you use.
- Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters.
- It's best to avoid passwords that are easy to guess, such as "secret," "password," or "letmein." We also suggest that you avoid using your name, e-mail address, or other personal information that is easily obtained.
- Though it's not a requirement, adding numbers or special characters to your password will make it even stronger. For example, the password "rivers2!%" is a much stronger password than "rivers."
- Guard your password carefully. Remember, anyone who knows your password may access your account.

To change your Account settings – If you have a new e-mail address or wish to change your password, use this link to access the Account Settings page. You'll need to log in with your current e-mail address and password to access these settings. If you change the e-mail address on your account to an e-mail address that is already associated with another Amazon account, we will ask that you first verify your e-mail address.

3. Why should I verify my account?
Verifying your account tells us that you are real person and your opinion can be shared with other Junglee customers. You will be requested to verify your account in order to make your customer reviews or likes visible to other customers; this requirement is waived if you have an Amazon account that has successfully been charged for the purchase of a physical or digital item.

4. How do I verify my account?
After you sign in, hover over your account name at the top right of the page; if you are not a verified customers, you will see a menu item called 'Verify your Account'; click on this menu-item and follow instructions on the following screens to complete your verification.

Businesses Nearby Questions

You can now use Junglee not only to compare offers across websites, but also to locate nearby stores that might carry the product you are looking to purchase. Currently, Businesses Nearby feature is only launched for seven cities- New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Chennai. -

1) Where can I see the stores nearby?
On the product detail page, you will find a list of nearby stores selling that product under ‘where to buy’. Just click on the link to a get a listing of all the nearby stores. This feature is currently launched for mobile phones, televisions and books. But, you will soon be able to access this feature for other categories as well.

2) How can I contact a store?
For each store, you can click the link ‘Show phone numbers’ to see the phone numbers. You can call the store directly to confirm the prices and availability. – Help

Whom do I contact with questions?

Use the following contact options based on the type of question you have -

To Report Problems with Seller Listings: To report problems with seller listings on Junglee use the “Let us know” link which is displayed on every product page and is located just below the seller offers

For Questions about your Account or Orders::

- For questions related to your User Account or for Orders placed on, please refer to Amazon Help
- For questions related to Orders placed on other sellers’ websites, you may visit the sellers’ sites to obtain information about their customer service.

Feedback To provide general feedback about the service use the “Help & Feedback” button displayed at the right side of every page.

To List your Products: If you are a seller and would like to add your products to Junglee, please visit the Amazon Seller Services website

For Media Inquiries: Visit the Media Room