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Like and Unlike Products and Sellers

What does the count next to the like button mean?

The count next to the "Like" button on the product page is the total number of Junglee customers who have liked that item. When you like something, it increases the total number of likes for that product.

Why do I need to sign in to like something?

We require you to be signed into Junglee to like something so we can remember your specific likes.

Where can I see all my likes?

You can see all your likes under "Your Likes" after clicking on your account name at the top right of the page when you’re signed in.

Can I unlike something once I've liked it?

Yes, you can unlike something after you've liked it by clicking or hovering on the "Liked" button on the product page and clicking "Unlike" in the popover window. You can also edit your list of likes in the ‘Your Likes’ page.

Can I write a Customer Review for something I've liked?

Yes, you can write a Customer Review for something you've liked. You can also like items you've written Customer Reviews for on the site.