We are hiring

The Junglee team comprises customer obsessed and passionate builders. We hire the brightest minds and offer them an environment in which they can invent and innovate to improve the experience for our customers. Every day, we are solving complex technical and business problems with ingenuity and simplicity. We have an ambitious vision and we’ve only just begun. Join us and see what’s next!

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What is it like to be at Amazon?

Rajesh Uppalapati, Software Development
"Recently I completed my 10th year anniversary at Amazon. Over the years I had an opportunity to work in multiple development centers, interact with some of the smartest minds and tackle some of the most interesting technology and business problems. But the thing that amazes me the most is the way the company managed to safeguard its core values from dilution despite its meteoric growth. To date, every single decision that we make is by "working backwards" starting with the customer. It feels so ethical to work for a company that is obsessed with its customers."

Prabhakar Jaykumar, Business Development
"I have been working on project Junglee for the last 8 months and have been responsible for recruiting sellers for the Platform. Not often do you get opportunities to work in a "start-up" like environment within the precincts of large global companies - Junglee presented me with one such opportunity and it has an been an exciting journey and a great learning experience."

Anuj Mathur, Quality Assurance
"At Junglee, innovation plays a central role as it is first of its kind offering from Amazon. Hence, core orientation for everybody working on Junglee is (and will always be) about helping the Indian customers in making better informed purchase decisions. The idea in itself is so powerful that all the challenges in building the service brought great learning with them. It’s amazing to see the collective energies from so many technical and business teams in building a new online shopping service."

Jyoti Chhabra, Software Development
"Junglee is like doing a start-up with all the Amazon’s technology available on fingertip. It’s a unique experience to build a new business from grounds up. The best part is that business and technology teams are located in the same office, thus providing ample opportunities to work closely."

Akshi Mahajan, Business Development
"What I love about Amazon is that for a large organization, it is remarkably lean and agile. I’ve loved being part of the hustle and energy in the team as we worked on Junglee launch. Contributing to this momentum has been a great experience."

Calvin Nguyen, User Experience
"Make history. Build something you love. Customer centric isnt just lip service at Amazon - its an obsession. Work at a place where your genius is not just appreciated, its expected. People at Amazon are seriously talented - its wonderful to work in an environment where everyone is capable and working towards common goals."