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iBall ATX Cabinet i8190

iBall ATX Cabinet i8190

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Product Description

Computer has become one of the necessary households. However, it is an assembly of a number of hardware components. So, in order to ensure that your PC functions properly, you need make sure that all the components are safe and secured. That is why you need a computer cabinet. There are various models of compute cabinet available in the market. However, you should opt for only the one that provides adequate protection to the hardware components, requires relatively less space on your desk and is stylish too. However, if you do not have the time to look into so many aspects before shopping for a computer cabinet, you can simply buy iBall ATX i8190 cabinet online to realise how an efficient cabinet looks like. Since it is available online, you will not have to waste your time on searching for the right cabinet in various electronics shops. You can simply place the order for the device via your PC or smartphone and get the product delivered to your preferred address without any hassle soon.

Design and Features of iBall ATX i8190 Computer Cabinet

Taking proper care of the hardware components, especially the internal ones, is as important as taking care of valuable jewellery and other households. The internal hardware components of a computer are assembled secured inside a cabinet. So, it is crucial for you to know that the cooling system of the cabinet properly functions in order to maintain the overall efficiency of the system. In this respect, the iBall ATX i8190 cabinet will meet the requirement completely. The measures 42.2 cm in height, 40.1 cm in depth and 17.3 cm in width. It is built to maintain the internal hardware components of a computer as they should be maintained. Besides, its compact design enables you to manage the space in your home or office more efficiently. It has an ergonomic design and belongs to the iBall family, which is popular for its range of products that have earned customers' faith through years of consistency. If you cherish your computer and depend upon it so much that even a few days of downtime will affect you significantly, then this iBall black cabinet will be a purposeful addition to your desk. It offers to you a unique user experience that cannot be matched by its counterparts available in the market.

Speciality and Benefits of the iBall ATX i8190 Cabinet

The iBall ATX i8190 has one unit of 8 cm cooling fan, add-on cards and a heat vent on the side panel to allow the heat generated by the processor escape. The cooling fan incorporated to the cabinet has low speed revolution per minute. It is designed in such a way to ensure that you are not annoyed by the usual sound of the cooling fans.
This cabinet is excellent in terms of durability and quality. Besides, you have the brandname - iBall - to vouch for the performance of the cabinet. You will be able to clear the clutter of internal hardware components and properly assemble them with the help of this iBall cabinet. It belongs to the international designer series collection of cabinets. The iBall ATX Cabinet will be a great companion of your desktop computer and its quality will never let you down in terms of performance or style.

Maintenance and Care Tips for the iBall ATX i8190 Cabinet

The best way to properly maintain the iBall ATX i8190 cabinet is to read the instructions on the user manual carefully. It contains all the important information pertaining to the cabinet. You will be well aware of the technical aspects of the cabinet and will be able to use it with confidence. So, shop online for the iBall ATX i8190 cabinet at the earliest to ensure complete protection of the internal hardware components of your PC.

About iBall

IBall is an Indian electronics company headquartered in Mumbai. It was founded in 2001. It is involved in importing tablets, smartphones and computer peripherals. it sells 21 different kinds of products and its products are sold throughout the country.

Key Highlights
Black in colour
42.2 cm x 40.1 cm x 17.3 cm

Product Features

  • Standard ATX/MicroATX
  • no of fan: 2
  • Black
Product Details
Manufacturer IBall
Brand IBall
Model Number i8190
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 42.2 cm x 40.1 cm x 17.3 cm

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