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iCracked Inc iPhone 4 CDMA Premium Screen Replacement DIY-IPHO-4-CDMA-B-01 - Black

iCracked Inc iPhone 4 CDMA Premium Screen Replacement DIY-IPHO-4-CDMA-B-01 - Black

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Compatible Devices Apple iPhone 4
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Product Description

Have you ever wondered how to repair your precious iPhone 4 when it malfunctions? iCracked brings to you iPhone 4 CDMA (Verizon / Sprint) Premium Screen Replacement & Repair Kit - Black to solve your acute problems in repairing your beloved iPhone 4. The tools provided in this iCracked iPhone 4 CDMA repair kit is the best you would get in the market. The manual given in this tool kit will guide you in every step and would prove to be invaluable to you.

Contents of the Repair Kit

The repair kit features some of the most useful tools that would help you in disassembling and reassembling your iPhone 4 with this iPhone 4 screen replacement repair kit. The contents of the package are iPhone 4 black premium replacement, screen/digitizer compatible with Verizon / Sprint, pre-installed anti-fingerprint screen protector, premium Phillips screwdriver, premium flat head screwdriver, premium pentalobe screwdriver, premium nylon spudger, premium replacement 3M adhesive, premium suction cup, premium guitar Pick, SIM card tray opening tool, micro fiber cleaning cloth and one premium repair step by step guidebook.

Key Highlights

The dimension of this iCracked iPhone 4 CDMA repair kit is 205.7 x 129.5 x 45.7 cm. Some of the key highlights include:

iPhone screen 3.5 inch retina display

Pixel density of 326 ppi

Combination of 16 million colours

Three kinds of screwdrivers and a adhesive suction cap


Use the SIM card tray opening tool to eject the SIM card and SIM card tray. Remove the two case screws using the appropriate screwdriver and then open the back case. The battery connector has only one screw and you can use the same screwdriver to open this screw. You can also open the motherboard with this screwdriver. Remove the two screws that hold down the sound module connector. The sound module connector can be removed with a case opener tool. Remove the two screws holding the vibrator in place and set the vibrator motor aside. There are six connectors attached to the motherboard which can be disconnected using the case opener tool. Remove the camera and the ribbon connector for the sound module carefully. Use the premium flat head screwdriver to remove the connector and set the speaker aside. Remove the various screws as shown in the manual. After that, you will be able to remove the motherboard. Remove the 10 screws: 6 large screws with washers on the sides and 4 small screws in the corners without washers. Use a case opener tool to loosen the screen evenly. Carefully separate the screen assembly from the case allowing the ribbons to slide out of the case without unnecessary damage. This is the final step of disassembly.

In order to replace the screen with the iPhone 4 Black premium replacement screen, the ribbon on the screen assembly must pass through the opening. Align the tabs on the screen assembly with the inside of the case. Double check whether the home button aligns with the opening in the screen assembly. Replace the screws which attach the screen assembly to the case. Replace the motherboard into the case and then the motherboard to the inside case mounting post. Replace the speaker module into the case and then reconnect the connector to the motherboard. Reconnect the speaker module and insert the screws. Replace the camera into the case and tighten the screws. Connect the 6 connectors that would attach the motherboard to the case of the phone. Replace the vibrator and the mounting screws. Replace the shield over the sound module connector and then insert the screws to fasten the speaker module connector and shielding to the motherboard. Replace the shielding over the connectors using the two tabs on the right, placing the shielding over the third tab (motherboard). With the shield in place, the 5 main motherboard screws can be replaced fastening the motherboard and shield to the case. Reconnect the battery, the case and then replace the two screws which hold the back of the case to the main case. Replace the SIM card and the clean the screen with the micro fiber cleaning cloth. Your iPhone 4 is as beautiful as it was when it was bought!

Buy iCracked iPhone 4 CDMA repair kit online and have your iPhone 4 repaired in the expert way. Shop iPhone 4 screen replacement repair kit online and have a happy and valuable shopping online.

Product Features

  • iPhone 4 CDMA model #A1349 (Verizon / Sprint) Premium Replacement Screen - Black
  • Premium iPhone 4 Tools
  • Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector Comes Pre-Installed
  • Step-By-Step Instructional Flowchart
Product Details
Manufacturer ICracked
Brand ICracked
Model Number PHO4C-BK901
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Compatible Devices Apple iPhone 4
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 17.1 cm x 1.8 cm x 10.8 cm

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