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iGadgitz Pink Leather Flip Case Cover Holder for Samsung Galaxy S4 IV I9500 Android Smartphone Cell Phone. With Sleep/Wake Function.
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iGadgitz Pink Leather Flip Case Cover Holder for Samsung Galaxy S4 IV I9500 Android Smartphone Cell Phone. With Sleep/Wake Function.

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Product Description

Smartphones have completely revolutionised the way communication happens these days. They have made communication instantaneous and innovative. More and more people are now switching to smartphones because of the convenience they offer. Because of this increasing demand for smartphones, several companies are offering different designs and models of smartphones. You can choose a model of your choice as per your preference and budget. Smartphones offer a number of features and this has led to the increase in popularity of the devices. However, the biggest disadvantage of using smartphones is that they are extremely sensitive and susceptible to damage. Dust, dirt and moisture are the biggest reasons for damage in smartphones. To keep your phone functional for a long time, you will have to protect your phone from dust, dirt and moisture. Slips and falls can also result in damage to your smartphones. While a lot of people install protective software in their mobile phones to prevent threats from malware and bugs, ensuring internal protection of your smartphones isn't enough. Protecting the exterior of the phone is important too. To do this, you must invest in a tough and sturdy mobile cover. Mobile covers are available in different designs and materials and colours. Not only do these mobile covers offer protection to your smartphone, but also make your phone look more attractive. If you are using the Samsung Galaxy S4, here is a product that allows you to give enough protection to your phone.

The iGadgitz flip case is designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S4. This product comes in an attractive candy pink colour. The cover is made of high quality leather which is highly resistant to daily wear and tear and hence will last you a long time. This product can easily be installed in your phone and it will hug the body of your phone tightly. The compact and sleek design of this product makes it lightweight and easy to carry. It will not add additional weight to your phone, but will make it look more beautiful and elegant. This hot pink colour flip cover case is ideal for girls who love to deck everything they love in pink colour. This flip cover has a smart design that secures all the potential entry points of dust, dirt and moisture into your phone. This product offers full coverage to your phone. It has a front flip cover that covers your screen and protects it from scratches and other damages. The back side of this cover is made of tough leather that is resistant to bumps resulting from slips and falls. This product is now available online and can easily be bought by placing an order. Get this beautiful pink cover for your phone and provide your phone with the best protection, while also enhancing its beauty.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by iGadgitz.

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Product Features

  • Hand crafted flip case made especially for the Samsung Galaxy S4 IV I9500.
  • Made from high quality, durable leather. Soft felt inner lining to protect your screen.
  • With Sleep/Wake Function.
  • Custom cut outs for all the phones features
  • Plastic formed backing with over moulded leather provides that extra protection for your phone

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