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iPro Multi-Functional Super Steam MOP

iPro Multi-Functional Super Steam MOP

Brand IPro
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Overview: Ipro Multi-functional Super Steam Mop

The house is a messy place. There are kids, and there are people and visitors. And as it happens, you are the one entitles to clean up after everyone. Let us provide you with a helping hand then! Here is the best gift for any homemaker: iPro Multifunctional Super Steam Mop; your best friend to get rid of dirt, food stains and grime from the floor.

The mop works wonders with its special triangular head that can cover any nook and corner of your home. It reaches effortlessly under the sofa, behind the refrigerator and underneath the beds, where your maid doesn't even look or try to reach. It powerfully scoops off any debris sticking to the floor surface, leaving it squeaky clean! The steamer action operates on half a liter of plain tap water that is stored in the cylinder situated on the handle arm. You do not need any detergents or chemicals to get rid of strong or old stains.

Any ordinary mop requires more effort from your end, that the work mop does; but iPro Multifunctional Super Steam Mop takes all the hard work on itself and fights those stains with the powerful jet action steam force. This system forcefully pushes a drought of steam through the base of the mop head and this stream helps get rid of floor yellowing, stains and spills in a more effective way. Whether you have vinyl flooring, or vitrified tiles; wooden flooring or regular stone flooring. The mop works on all floor surfaces with ease. This is the solution to all the cleaning woes for the home. Get one now, by ordering online. This product is now available for Indian markets.
Product Details
Brand IPro
Warranty 6 Months Manufacturer Warranty.

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