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Samsung ETA-U90IWEGINU Travel Charger

Samsung ETA-U90IWEGINU Travel Charger

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Product Description

More and more smartphone owners are now buying these add-on tools but many make the mistake of purchasing fake and low quality travel chargers that disappoint at the most crucial hours.

A poor quality charger is not only less efficient but it can also damage your gadget. So, it's absolutely necessary that only go for an original travel charger such as Samsung ETA-U90IWEGINU Travel Charger in case you own a Samsung gadget. This particular charger is manufactured by Samsung itself and therefore, you have no reasons to worry about its quality, performance or safety at all.

For users who are always running out of battery on their Samsung devices, especially when they need it the most the Samsung ETA-U90IWEGINU Travel Charger is one of the best solutions. It does involve a small additional cost but the benefits are way bigger.

Keep it handy at your home or in the office and charge your devices in half the time than it takes for a normal charger to fill up your Samsung phone with power. Be it your Samsung Galaxy or any other USB compatible Android device, just plug it in and it will be ready in no time.

The Samsung ETA charges with an input of 2 amps, unlike your normal charger that has an input of 1 amp or 700mAh! And don't worry; higher input will not damage your gadget in any manner. The charger is specifically designed for Samsung devices and therefore, you can put all your doubts to rest.

Samsung ETA-U90IWEGINU Travel Charger has a detachable USB to micro USB data cable. It is capable of transferring files and syncing data too. You can also charge your phone from a wall outlet if the need be. Using the AC adapter and the Micro USB cable, users can also charge their phones from a USB port with the help of a micro USB cable. So, this travel charger does actually become useful in more ways than just one.

The charger is compact, white in color, durable and perfect for long excursions. The cable is three feet long and can be utilized for syncing data when plugged into a computer or while charging, if the need be. You will not need to keep your gadget at a risky position just because you need to charge it quickly. A 3 feet long cable is more than sufficient for you to keep your gadget steady on worktop or any other safe location for charging.

Order your personal Samsung ETA-U90IWEGINU Travel Charger today and make frequent charging worries a thing of past. You won't regret the purchase decision.

Product Details
Manufacturer Morelife LONDON
Brand Morelife London
Model Number ETA-U90IWEGINU
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 24 cm x 2 cm x 18 cm

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