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Walnut Kernels (Quaters)

Walnut Kernels (Quaters)

Brand Nutritiousnuts
Product Weight 100 grams
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Product Description

If you are looking for high quality and nutritious food for your kid, then try this pack of walnut kernels. As most of the kids do not love to drink milk or eat non-vegetarian food items on a regular basis, they often face the lack of protein and nutrients in their daily diet. To compensate that lack of nutrients in your or your kid's diet chart, check out this fresh pack of walnut kernels. The interesting thing about buying this pack of walnut kernels is that, you can eat them at any time. The simple and smart packaging allows you to carry it anywhere and eat them anytime. This source of natural nutrients is good for your health and gives you ample energy and power and ensures that you will never fall short of nutrients.

About the Brand

This high quality pack of walnut kernels has been packed with nutritious nuts. This reputed brand is known for supplying different types of protein and nutrient enriched nuts to their users. Their product range includes, walnut kernels, cashew nuts, dry figs, hazelnuts, pine nut kernels, Turkish Apricots, Dried whole Cranberries, mixed dry fruit and nuts and more. This time they have come up with this pack of walnut kernels. The pack contains 100 gms of walnut kernels. If you are looking to buy fresh and premium quality walnut kernels, then this pack is the right option for you.

Benefits of Walnut kernels

For a long time walnut kernels are known for their food value. These nuts are considered as a good  source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acid called Omega 3 is known for a wide range of health benefits. The Omega-3 fatty acid is quite a popular name for cardiovascular protection. It is also considered good for various mental functions. The presence of special anti-inflammatory benefits of these walnut kernels are helpful to reduce asthma, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

As Walnut kernels are enriched with antioxidant compound like ellagic acid. This acid helps to strengthen the immunity system. This particular acid is highly useful for lowering the risk of cancer. If you or your kid is suffering from constipation, consuming walnut kernels will help you a lot as this particular nut has a mild laxative effect. These walnut kernels are enriched with vitamins and minerals, which make it a perfect food for health and muscle.

If you are suffering from liver diseases and want a natural solution to get rid of these liver problems, then the regular consumption of walnuts can be extremely beneficial. These walnut kernels are quite helpful in improving body metabolism. Enriched with Vitamin -E, experts consider it as one of the most important food items for  improving  skin and hair.

Why should you buy this pack of walnut kernels?

Finding fresh and high quality walnut kernels at an affordable rate is not an easy thing. If you want to stay fit and healthy by eating the walnut kernels, then instead of finding it here and there, shop online for this pack of walnut kernels. These walnut kernels are clean and fresh. The compact and smart packaging of this pack allows you to carry it when you are travelling. Whether you are travelling or eating breakfast, this pack of walnut kernels is the right option for you. It will enhance the food value and improve your health. As it improves the immunity system, your body will stay protected from diseases. To keep these walnut kernels fresh for months, you can keep them in an air tight jar. If you want to get this pack of walnut kernels at your doorstep, buy walnut kernels online.

Special Features

The pack contains 100 gms of fresh walnut kernels

Walnut kernels are known for improving the body metabolism and boosting immunity

It helps in preventing cancer

Walnut kernels are enriched with Omega-3 fatty acid

Product Details
Brand Nutritiousnuts
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 100 grams

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