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Ordertattoo.Com Complete Tattoo Kit

Ordertattoo.Com Complete Tattoo Kit

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Overview: Complete Tattoo Kit

The latest trends in fashion is body tattoos and everywhere you see celebrities having different designs of tattoos on different parts of the body. Whether they are actors in Hollywood or in Bollywood all boast of different kinds of tattoos, not only male actors but even the female ones have different kinds of tattoos on their body. Now this trend has reached sport celebrities also and you can see cricketers and football players all sport a stylish tattoo. You can see models also with different types of tattoos on their different parts of their body and this they reveal while modeling on the ramp and now this trend of tattoos has filtered down to the masses and the craze to get a stylish tattoo has the young visiting tattoo parlors. has launched a Complete Tattoo Kit Machine Gun 11 Color (Double Black) Inks + Needles + Power Supply (T1)

This tattoo kit is a brand new kit, it is of a top quality like the one used in fashionable high end tattoo parlors. All the items in this kit are specially selected by experienced artists. All the items required for tattoos are included in this set. You can start tattooing as a hobby or as a profession with this unique and dynamic kit. This kit contains a A314 tattoo gun which has a 10 coil warp and is perfect to make tattoo designs. To connect this gun an analog power supply is there and to control this there is a foot pedal and clip cord. This gun comes with a standard size stainless steel handle so that holding the gun will be easy and effortless. Along with all this you will get 2 stainless steel round tip needles of 3RL, 5RL and more over 9 disposable tips that will keep the entire process hygienic and safe. Now you may or may not know how to use this equipment so along with this kit you get a CD that will teach you all the ropes of tattoo making.

Along with the instructions you get a pack of accessory with tools and rubber bands, tiger skin for practice and extra 5 needles of sizes 3RL, 3RS and 5RL disposable tattoo needles. Last not the least you do require inks and along with this you get a set of iron sakura inks, 11 colors of 5 ml like red, brilliant blue, white, green, golden, dark brown, light pink, sky blue, royal violet, this list is wide and varied and you can make beautiful colorful designs with these, along with this you will get 2 bottles of black ink as black is the base color for all tattoos. This entire kit is a complete kit for tattoo making and you need not buy anything else from anywhere.

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This Complete Tattoo Kit Machine Gun 11 Color (Double Black) Inks + Needles + Power Supply (T1) By has made tattoo making a very easy and fun task, you can do it right at home and if you have a small parlor and would like to dab around in tattoo making then you can do so with this awesome kit and earn some money also. Tattoo making is not a modern trend, it has been a trend in India since ancient times and has now revived again. Have fun and explore your talent in designing tattoos, order this kit from and avail of good discounts. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you have a happy shopping experience. Kindly refer it to your friends and family!

Features: Complete Tattoo Kit

  • A 10 coil warps tattoo gun A314
  • An analog power supply with Foot Pedal and Clip Cord
  • A Standard size stainless steel handle, Two stainless steel round tips( for 3RL, 5RL needles), And 9 disposable tips
  • A pack of accessory with tools, rubber bands. 20 ink cups in 3 sizes, Tiger practice skin and a CD
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number B00EUH1NVO
Theme Black Friday 2014
Item Package Quantity 1

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