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Blue Quilted Tote Handbag
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Blue Quilted Tote Handbag

Brand PHat 5.5
Colour Blue
Material PU
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Product Description

If you are looking for a tote handbag that is both good to look at and utilitarian, then this bag will be an excellent choice. P.H.A.T. brings to you a stylish and strong Blue Quilted Tote Handbag. This super stylish handbag has a soft exterior and the interior provides lots of space to carry all your essentials. So what are you waiting for? Buy this handbag online now and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Quilted Tote Handbag

All women require handbags and every woman prefers a separate style. The tote is one of the most preferred styles of handbags as it is easy to carry around and the straps are comfortable. A tote is a bag that is large in size and in many cases it is unfastened. It has two parallel handles attached to either wide sides of the bag. Some totes may even have pockets or pouches as a part of the exterior design. Its size and convenience makes it popular among its users. Typically, tote bags are made with sturdy materials so that they can support the weight of the things that are carried in them. However, this particular tote, brought to you by P.H.A.T., comes with a quilted cover. This particular feature gives this bag a very soft and plush feel. The edge of the bag has a special lining made of leather. This makes the bag more durable and also very different to look at. The handles are made with re-enforced leather that is black in colour. The main body is blue in colour. Blue is considered to be a soothing, stylish colour that complements many other colours. This bag goes well with any kind of clothes, be it Indian, or western. So you can be rest assured that this bag will look good with almost anything you wear. This bag has a special small pocket near the top and this pocket can be fastened by a chain. The zip is black in colour and thus is almost impossible to spot. Thus it is useful without compromising the look of the bag. You can keep anything in here that you need to access easily.

Uses and Benefits

This bag will often be your best friend. There are usually a lot of things that you would like to take with you when you are going out. However, due to the limited space that you have in your bags, you often have to leave out many things that could be handy in various situations. This bag takes care of that problem. Due to its large size, the space this bag offers is considerably more than other types of bags. During the rainy season, you can easily carry a three-fold umbrella in it and during the winters, you could comfortably carry a cardigan inside it. This bag is ideal for women of all ages. A college student could easily carry her books inside it and a mother could easily carry all the essentials she needs for her new-born baby. This multi-utility bag is stylish, vibrant and sturdy as well.

Style Tips and Occasions

You can carry this bag to any occasion. Be it a party, or a weekly errand run, this bag will not look out of place. It looks especially good when paired with black or blue shoes. It also complements both semi-formal and casual wear. In fact, it will also look really nice with ethnic wear. This bag will also make for a great gift for a female friend or a family member.

Key Highlights

Brand: P.H.A.T

Colour: Blue

Type: Tote

Bag Design: Quilted

Product Details
Brand PHat 5.5
Colour Blue
Target Audience Women
Material PU

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