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Set of any 5 pairs of funky assorted earrings for casual or daily use

Set of any 5 pairs of funky assorted earrings for casual or daily use

Brand Abstractdirect
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Overview: Set of any 5 pairs of funky assorted earrings for casual or daily use

Fashion jewellery has been in great demand since a long time because of its unique design and affordability. A pair of earrings can add a lot to the overall appearance of a lady. Once you wear nice earrings you do not require any other ornament to look your best. College girls or working ladies often get tired of wearing similar kind of earrings everyday. They also look for different jewellery in order to flaunt different looks every day. So, if you want to upgrade your jewellery box, then you should avail this Set Of 5 Pairs Of Funky Earrings. Each pair of earrings is trendy and unique in appearance. So, you do not have to wear same earrings every day, rather you pick and choose earrings depending on the tint of your outfits.


These earrings are made of different kinds of materials such as paper, wood, metal, plastic, etc. with the implementation advanced methods so as to attain perfection in terms of quality and style. These earrings are made in such a manner that they are hypoallergenic and one will not suffer from skin rashes for wearing them for long hours. The earrings are light in weight so that you do not feel irritation for wearing them. These are made as per the strict quality standards so that they are safe to wear.

What should you know about these ornaments:

These earrings come in varying styles and shapes thus giving you wide options to make the selection from. Some earrings are made out of fine quality metal and are curved into different shapes like heart-shape design and round shape to make them look attractive. These earrings are available golden in shade with black accents. These are hanging style earrings that are easy to wear and remove. You can easily team this kind of earrings with western outfits like jeans, shorts, capris and dress. It can also be worn with sarees or churidar suits that have a tinge of golden or black.

Some earrings feature ring design that can be easily teamed with jeans or palazzo trousers to flaunt a casual look. These earrings are colourful and you will not find it difficult to match them with outfits. Few earrings come in asymmetric design and they can be worn with casual outfits like jeans or kurti.

These ornaments are ideal for any casual event. It can make you look trendy while going out with friends. It can be worn while visiting a friend's or relative's place. This kind of earrings is ideal for colleges or workplaces. You can wear them on a regular basis. These earrings feature sturdy built and you can wear them for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to fetch compliments for your taste then you should buy Set Of 5 Pairs Of Funky Earrings online. Buying jewellery online is the easiest way to save your valuable time. It is because you can make the purpose in single click without visiting any store.

These funky assorted earrings can be an excellent gift to someone whom you want to feel special. It can be a sweet birthday gift to a sister, a friend or a colleague. It can be gifted to a sister-in-law who is very stylish and prefer wearing classy and funky jewellery.


If you want to enhance the longevity of these earrings then you should take proper care of them. These earrings should be kept carefully in a jewellery box or an accessory pouch so that they do not break easily. They should be kept away from the reach of moisture, heat and chemical substances. It is always advisable that you wipe these earrings with soft cotton cloth or a sponge after use. If you decide to carry these earrings while going on a trip, you better use a jewellery box to carry them.

Key Highlights:

Made of wood, metal, plastic, etc

Durable to ensure longevity

Stylish in appearance

Comes in different shapes and design

Hanging style

Light in weight

Ideal for casual events

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Brand Abstractdirect

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