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Earphone QHM555 (Black)

Earphone QHM555 (Black)

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Product Description

Today, life without a pair of earphones cannot be imagined. Be it for listening to music, watching movies, talking calls or playing games late in the night, you simply cannot do without a pair. A convenient pair of hands free, earphones is a boon for music buffs as they can listen to their most loved tunes wherever they go. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a pair of ear phones that are of good quality and also safe for your ears. So, if you are the looking for a pair of stylish earphones with exclusive features, then look no further as now you can own the QHM 555 Earphone very easily. Brought to you by popular online store Portamart, this QMH Earphone not only Look trendy but is high on functionality as well. Take a look at the product features before you make the purchase.

Features of the device

The brand QMH is known for its production of superior quality earphones that are compatible with all devices. These QMH earphones are designed with precision and not only sport a stylish design but are high on quality as well. Pull resistant and light in weight, these earphones have high density neodymium magnet that provides clear and powerful sounds. Not just this, but the speaker in the earphones are also designed to minimise sound loss and maximize the sound output. The sound that comes out is soothing to the ears, and also prevents any sort of damage to the ear drums even when you are playing something at a high volume. The QMH earphones have been designed distinctly and in a scientific manner to fit the shape of the ear and come in dome shape. Therefore, it rests comfortably on the ear, allowing you to keep the QMH earphones plugged in without feeling any kind of discomfort or pain after a while. The ear plugs have right and left marked on them indicating which ear plug is for which ear. The QMH earphones are neatly packed in a transparent and compact travel case which is small enough to not take up space in your pockets or into the tiniest compartment of your bag. Black in colour, it is stylish and classy and the stereo plugs are gold coated.

How to maintain the QMH earphones

Maintaining your ear phones is necessary as it is quite natural that might be borrowed at some point of time. Also the earphones are a part of your daily life and you use it on a regular basis therefore, it requires a certain amount of maintenance to increas the longevity. These earphones must be cleaned on a more regular basis for prolonged usage. Many earphone sets come with cleaning wipes. However if it is not present, you could take to cleaning them yourself by simply dusting and wiping them with a soft cloth to remove any dust or residue that might gather from wherever you keep your device during the day or the pockets of your clothing. You can store these earphones in a protective plastic case after every use and it will prevent them from being damaged, making them last longer and also keep them looking new. You must keep the cord rolled up when the earphones are not in use so as to prevent them from getting tangled that is not only damaging for the earphones but it will be a hassle when you want to untangle it. One of the most important things that you must remember is to unplug the earphones from your mobile or laptop/computer device. Earphones that are plugged in can cause temporary damage to the device when you pull the cord from the jack as copper cord inside could break. You must also unplug the earphones in a delicate manner to prevent any kind of damage. Avoid keeping these earphones near water as it might cause permanent damage. So, if you follow these instructions, you will be able to use your earphones for a long time. This pair of headphones is now available online; therefore, you can buy QHM 555 Earphone online as the set promises to never let you down in terms of crisp sound quality and durability.

Key features at a glance

Stunning black in colour

Accurate and crisp sound quality

Perfect and snug fit

Does not cause discomfort

Dome type

Compatible with laptop computer, home audio, portable media player, gaming consoles

Product Details
Brand Qhmpl
Model Number 03AUGHD1
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Special Features in-ear
Connectivity Technology wired-3.5mm single pin

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