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  1. 20 of 20 people found this review helpful
     Good Book, Bad Kindle Edition 13 January, 2010 On
    Format:Kindle Edition
    I just wanted to let other Kindle owners in the IT profession know that the content of this book is as good as the other reviews indicate, but you should buy the paper edition rather than the Kindle edition.

    Most of the xml in the Kindle edition is unreadable, due to its being truncated at the left margin, and sometimes at the bottom of the page, as well. Some of the sidebar content has the same problem.

    All in all, there's just too much content missing from the Kindle edition. With the hard copy being just ten dollars more, it's the better choice.
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     Finally, an SOA book focused on the contract 8 April, 2009 On
    The "Web Service Contract Design & Versioning for SOA" text is yet another great book from the Thomas Erl SOA series. What's great about this book is that it focuses exclusively on the contract part of the service; too often, even while espousing the benefits of top-down service design, SOA literature treats contract design as a side-note. To truly be successful with SOA, the contract must be designed, developed, and governed independently of the service logic behind it. This book is filled with a wealth of information and examples of how to meet those goals; any serious SOA effort will benefit tremendously by the concepts presented in this book.
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     Must read for SOA Practitioners 3 January, 2010 On
    A must read book for anyone who wants to gain knowledge about service design and web service contracts. I liked the case studies in each chapters, detailed chapters on web service specifications and the 3 chapters on versioning options and strategy is explained quite well. I hope the next version of the book include few chapters on RESTful service and address some of the concerns like design, use cases and versioning.
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     Great reference for contract design 20 February, 2009 On
    Building quality contracts using Web Services via a top down approach can be scary for the uninitiated. This book provides a vendor-agnostic discussion and reference for service architects in the areas of schema, wsdl, policy and governance that is unmatched in my research and reading. Highly recommend this to understand the practical implementation of a top down approach.
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     Helpful and educational 3 December, 2009 On
    Read it front to back and learned a lot, needed more but at this price can't afford more. Only book on this usbject that helped with an overview, some detail yet need more..
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     Great Book 22 January, 2009 On
    I read this book after attending one of Thomas Erl's seminar's. SOA design concepts and benefits are clearly defined, and most importantly, this book helped me see through a lot of the noise that's out there about SOA and understand what's important and why.
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     Comprehensive & easy to understand 19 January, 2009 On
    When you sign up for a Web services and/or full Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) project, you're also committing to learn about a host of standards including XML, XML schema, XML namespaces, WSDL, WS-Policy, and WS-Addressing. It's a sad but true fact that these are far from intuitive, and can be quite intimidating to both architects and developers. To make matters worse, ignoring or improperly implementing these technologies greatly diminishes the chance that your project will be successful.

    Luckily, there's no need to go it alone. Thomas Erl and a collection of industry experts have added to the authoritative SOA series with this helpful book aimed squarely at assisting architects and developers to effectively take advantage of these essential standards. Using clear, easy-to-understand language it explains basic, intermediate, and advanced concepts, making it suitable for readers of all levels. It also includes extensive best practices regarding the important topic of governance. Comprehensive case studies are found throughout the book, providing realistic guidance on how to properly apply the lessons learned.
  8. 2 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Best Web Service Contract Design 10 February, 2009 On
    If you want to gain knowledge of Web Service Contract Design, this is the book for. The book has minor grammatical error, diagrams are not color, and no book mark. Otherwise, it is the best book. Relevant contents in sample are in red color making it easy to spot.
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     Take Control over your WSDL files 25 November, 2008 On
    This book will tell you how professional WSDL files look like, enough of those auto-generated pieces of.....
  10.  Great addition to your SOA home library, liked it a lot 30 October, 2012 On
    This book is exactly what I expected it to be , it complements the "SOA Design Patterns" book by covering topics not included in that book
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