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  1.  bit of a bore. juxtaposition of ancient and modern ... 17 December, 2014 On
    Format:Kindle Edition
    bit of a bore. juxtaposition of ancient and modern. but the treatment has been written to tittilate and the story becomes predictable.
  2.  50-50 2 February, 2013 On
    Format:Kindle Edition
    Oh man this is so naive and melodramatic, there are only two tricks of chanakya? (make the enemy sleep with a vish kanya or scare the enemy king with a dance of tantric)? The modern day political tricks also repeat themselves (only two tricks again.. blackmail or bribe) with each new poilitical opponent?
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     Formulaic and Pretention 18 December, 2012 On
    Format:Kindle Edition
    This book was recommended to me by a friend. So I had high expectations from it. But I did not enjoy reading it. The tone of the book and the communication between characters is borrowed from several Hollywood/Bollywood political thrillers. In fact, I felt like the book read like the author was picturing a movie based on it in his mind. I found it to be too dramatic. Would not recommend it.
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     Disappointing. 9 September, 2012 On
    Format:Kindle Edition
    This is Sanghi's second novel I read, after his more recent 'The Krishna Key'. Frankly, I was disappointed. Average ratings suggested that Chanakya's Chant is better received than Krishna Key, and it was with that expectation and excitement that I purchased this. But, as I mentioned, this is disappointing.

    The historical part depicting Chanakya is relatively grippier, but the modern day narrative is too contrived, naive and amateurish. The modern tale reads more like an ordinary Bollywood script with politics as a background and scheming, dirty, evil, corrupt characters for the various roles. More often than not the quotes, sentences and dialogues are a simplistic and literal translation of spoken Hindi into English, which leaves a lot to be desired. Add to that numerous, purportedly high wisdom one-liners to be found in almost every paragraph, all of which make Gangasagar (the modern 'Chanakya' in this novel) sound too unreal. However cunning and shrewd a person may be, I doubt they converse in such an unreal manner through quoting quotes every second breath.

    Further, there are too many sub-plots and small incidents that keep getting narrated, making the plot very confusing and complex. As it is the reader has to keep track of two parallel times, and to add to that numerous complexities is unnecessary. Things could have been kept a lot simpler, and leaner, and the book therefore ought to have been about a 100-150 pages shorter.

    While I like the overall idea and concept behind this novel, the treatment, narrative and the language are a big let down when judged in the context of the high expectations set for this novel from an author who clearly is vastly gifted and different from the ordinary.
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     Immature plot - A major turn off for a avid reader 2 November, 2011 On
    Honestly,I had lot of expectations from this book.In the end,I felt let down and dejected.The premise of the novel had a real powerful prospect to be a true bestseller.But,after first few chapters one can feel the author trying to rush the plot instead of slowly unraveling the plot delicately.A thriller novel plot should be like a onion with many layers.Apart from the speed of the plot,the story itself feels very immature and cheesy.The plot is perfect for our Bollywood movies where the viewers are expected to leave their brains,reasoning or logic at home before coming to the theaters.The plot which was really really bad was the current day plot(Gangadhar's plot).

    There is not much to the Chanakya's plot,it was like a condensed version of history with some modifications to actual history.The part where the author was supposed to shine was the current day plot mirroring Chanakya's story.But,here as a reader I kept asking myself,why on earth would this character fall for that and how come everything proceeds so smoothly.Even Chanakya himself faced some difficulties,surprises which made him re-analyze his strategy and tactics.But here we see the hero's plan goes like a knife in half-melted butter.

    As a reader who bought the book,I expected some twists,turns & shockers while reading it.But,here I felt like someone who bought a ticket to a awesome looking roller coaster ride ,which ended up running like the fake train for kids in a shopping mall.

    Again this is my opinion.Everyone has their own tastes,so buy at your own discretion.
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