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     It looks expensive, it's classy, and it's the exact definition of a great watch! 7 February, 2011 On
    I bought a watch from Armitron before and that watch lasted I think 3-4 years, because the rist band got too worn out and broke, but it lasted a long time for a 20 buck watch. You can't go wrong with Armitron. They are just great watches at a great price.

    Also, just for some untold info about the way this watch works is that the days of the week in the big circle darken for each day, like if it was sunday the middle of the circle would darken. And in the smaller circle were it says T2(time two) it shows the date (like 06 or 15). It shows PM and AM next to the time on the left. IT COMES WITH A VERY DETAILED MANUAL. The stainless still is very nice and is located where it says set, adj, light, and mode. The sides where it has the buttons is also stainless steel and the two parts on the band. This watch is also very shiny and sharp looking, which makes it looks very expensive.

    This watch has exactly what you need for every day use. It shows the day, date, time, seconds, and PM and Am all on the face of the watch. All of the features that this watch has is as follows...

    1.A time telling Mode (hours, minutes, seconds, date, and day of the week).
    2.A Calendar Mode (month, date, and day of the week, but there is NO YEAR).
    3.(2) 24 hour alarms.
    4.Hourly chime: One 'beep' every full hour.
    5.A Chronograph Mode: hours, minutes, seconds, and 1/100th of a second with lap operation.
    6.A Countdown Timer
    7.A Second Time Zone
    8.A 12 or 24 hour clock
    9.Water resistant 330 feet.
    10.And a light you press when it gets dark to lighten up everything.

    A perfect watch indeed.
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     Great Watch 26 May, 2011 On
    Armitron was my first brand of sport watch and now the only brand I will wear. My previous Armitron watch lasted 5 years and finally gave out after uncountable trips including hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, running, etc. I like the size of the face, easy to see while working out. On this style the buttons are easier to work. LOVE THIS WATCH!!
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     AWSOME! 23 January, 2012 On
    I bought this watch as a after Christmas gift for myself and when i got it in the mail, all i could do was stare at it. It looked so expensive i couldn't believe it was 22.00. I have even had people mistake it for a ROLEX!! BEST WATCH EVER!!!!!
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     Just what I was looking for... 28 December, 2011 On
    I love the watch.

    First of all, I'm not an expensive watch guy so I can't compare it to those watches. This one is replacing my $9 Walmart watch, with which I was satisfied. I paid just under $23. If it breaks down quickly, I'll revise my review, but for now, it performs perfectly and it was very easy to set up.

    There was only one thing I wasn't crazy about and it's minor. In the photo, the finish on the face ring looks to be a flat gray when it's actually more of a polished titanium look. I prefer flat non-reflective surfaces.

    Even so, I recommend the watch and would buy it again.

    UPDATE 6.18.12
    I still wear the watch nearly every day. The face has several scratches. It seemed to scratch easily but I'm rough on this kind of stuff. It's been six months. I'll buy another one when this one dies. Still love it!
  5. 6 of 6 people found this review helpful
     GREAT WATCH 21 September, 2011 On
    Bought this watch for my brother and he loves it. Great features. It's Orange and Silver. Really nice watch. Buy it.
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     A great watch at an awesome price! 27 July, 2009 On
    Armitron Men's Digital Sport Resin Strap Watch #408188GMG

    This is a great looking, sturdy, easy to use watch. It has all the features needed by an outgoing, sports-enthusiast guy. The night light is very cool and the display is easy to read day or night. The instruction manual could be a little more detailed about the features.
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     Too good to be true? 16 January, 2012 On
    This is my first Armitron watch....I am a triathlete and typically have used Timex Ironman watches for years and my last one was pretty beat up. So, I thought I would dress things up a bit with this watch. Very easy to setup after reading the instructions. Really cool layout once you get used to looking for the the information like the date, etc. For the money or really the less amount of money it is hard for me to believe I got this so cheaply. The super chrome surface areas maybe make it look cheap or maybe not. I got a compliment on the watch last night. So, not sure why I only gave it 4 stars but this early on it is hard for me to believe such a watch is so cheap. I will probably post a note down the road. But, even if this watch only lasts six months (but, other reviewers allege their Armitrons last for years...) who cares for $20?
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     Looks very nice, works perfectly, water does not seep in. 15 January, 2013 On
    I'm in the US Army and have owned many watches, primarily because they tend to break down after going to the field several times a year. So far this watch has held up. The face still has no scratches, all of the metal is still polished an shiny. There is no water seeping in or fogging up the display. Would highly recommend.
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     Worth 2x the Price 1 March, 2012 On
    I LOVE this watch. I tend to prefer analog watches, but I love this digital watch. I love the orange accents on the gunmetal-ish face. I love the features it has (dual time, alarm clock, backlight, stopwatch, countdown timer). I love the size and weight of it. I love that it's cheap enough that I don't have to be paranoid about scratching it. My $400 kinetic Seiko is watching me with judgmental eye, gathering dust as I type this.

    What I DON'T love is how this watch comes with no instructions. It's not super complicated to figure out, but some of the basic things:
    -MODE switches between clock, stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, clock #2 (completely separate time)
    -ADJ button shows month/date (when in clock mode), starts/stops stopwatch (stopwatch mode), turns alarm sound on/off (alarm mode), stars/stops countdown timer (countdown timer), and nothing in clock #2.
    -SET, when held down, resets the stopwatch (stopwatch mode), or enters you into set mode.

    When you're either trying to set your clock time, countdown timer, or alarm, you first need to hold down SET until part of the display starts to flash. Once it flashes, press the ADJ button until you have correctly set it, then hit the MODE button to move to the next adjustment. Once you have set everything, hit SET.

    For example, if you want to set the countdown timer for 1 hour and 20 minutes: Hold down SET until it flashes. Hit ADJ once to set 1 hour. Hit MODE to switch to minutes. Hit ADJ 20 times to set it to 20 minutes. Then hit SET to finalize and exit out of set mode. Then once you want to start the timer, hit ADJ.

    Hopefully this helps. If not, then sorry to waste your time. I love this watch though. I have never owned Armitron watches before, but they will be my first search when this watch eventually dies.
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     Great Gifts for Men if you need to get last minute 27 December, 2013 On
    Awesome Gift my brother in law loved the watch as a gift ..
    Was given as A gift that was worth the purchase the reaction on My Brother In Law's face was Priceless..
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