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  1.  One Star 22 February, 2015 On
    It was locked
  2.  You can't have any updates apps 25 June, 2014 On
    This is a 2009 version and the seller doesn't tell us that, is a limited version. The android version has ceased to be operational it can't be update and for that you can't have any new apps or update it
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     The seller delivered a smartphone what was not I ordered 7 October, 2013 On
    I ordered a HTC A8181 from the seller last year,but he mailed me a ADR6275 which is much cheaper than A8181, there is no place to insert a SIM's card and can only be used for US cellular. I wanted to return it, but he did not agree.
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     POOR 9 July, 2011 On
    So.... after much deliberation i decide on the HTC 8181 Desire........ And for the week it worked it was a fantastic handset.

    However after just 7 days the speaker in the handset stopped working..... just like that. Phone never fell, never got wet, nothing. The speaker-phone and head phones worked fine but the normal handset speaker... not so much.

    So after being a Nokia owner for almost 20 years I regret having switched to HTC... and for US $400. I hope Amazon/HTC provides me with a FULL refund as i am not sure i want another HTC phone.
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     HTC desire rebooting 19 April, 2011 On
    Hi, my device isn't working anymore... I contact UK Repair Centre, but I need a proof of purchase to have it repaired, how can I proceed?
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     Nice Device in theory, but... 11 April, 2011 On
    The HTC Desire is a great phone, when it works. I ordered this phone from FGS Trading so that I could have it as i travel overseas (I was recently deployed to Middle East with the military). The only thing is, I am one of the hundreds of folks who got an HTC Desire with the bad motherboard that makes the phone do random reboots (Google it for HTC Desire). If I talk on the phone for more than a few minutes, "reboot". If I use the internet for more than a few minutes, "reboot". If I use the GPS even for one second, "reboot".

    Of course, I tried factory resets. I tried anything I could try using the HTC Forums. I discovered that there were many others like me who were experiencing the random reboots, and the ugliest part of the problem is that the phone doesn't reboot once and start back up... it continues in an endless reboot cycle until I'd have to open up the phone a take the battery out. While I was in the Middle East, I couldn't readily take it in for a repair. I had to wait to get back to the States. In December, I tried contacting FGS for help, and I got this response by email:

    I am sorry to hear this. This is the first i hear about the random reboot problem, but HTC would be the best bet to support the device at this point. If it's a motherboard problem, a warranty replacement would be best (if it was a software issue, a firmware upgrade would help, but it sounds like all the other people you checked with point to the motherboard).

    Please let us know if HTC was able to assist

    Happy holidays, and stay safe!

    Yeah, Happy Holidays... Well, HTC said that they couldn't help me, and not being able to do much from my deployed location, I got my sister to send me a Nexus S (which I love). Now that I'm back in the U.S., I have been trying to get HTC, FGS, and anyone else to help me, but to no avail. Here's what I get from FGS:

    There is not much we can do at this point, since we are not the end user. HTC does not offer warranty support for resellers, they usually ask resellers to accept returns during the first 14 days, and then after that end users are asked to contact them directly


    I tried calling HTC in the UK and Germany, and from them, I found out the the phone's IMEI is from Vodafone. So now I've been calling Europe to Vodafone Customer Service, and I keep getting passed off to different folks who give me the runaround. I'm at the end of my rope. I'm now going to have to send it to a friend in London who can try to take it to a Vodafone store for me and see if I can get some help. Now, after paying over $450 for a phone, is that the customer support I am entitled to?

    If you think that you may want service for your phone, do not buy from FGS Trading. You will be out of your hard earned money with no support.
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     A cell phone that you should not inverst 23 February, 2011 On
    It was a gift. ATT store had hard time to make it work to receive data. Then it worked fine. But it stopped ringing after 1 month. People were complaining that I was not hearing their calls. Battery life is worse than any phone.Also battery is not easily removable. You may break the door if you do nt ay attention when removing. You cannot browse the Internet .It is slowwww because it is not 3G. It is a nice looking phone and nice screen but it is not worth more than $100.00 ( similar ATT Inspire) .
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     The big freezer 5 January, 2011 On
    I got the international unlocked GSM model with waranty to use it all over the world!

    Now I set down in Brazil with a phone that freezes after 5 mins. of use. Have don all the suggestions HTS-support give about the freezing problems, but still keeps freezing!

    Tried to talk to HTC-support US they told me to contact HTC-Support in Brazil and Brazil told me to contact FRANCE!!!!...the biggest joke in the world!!!!!

    If you google the Desire you will find that there is a lot of people with the same problem and it looks like HTC don't have a solution to the problem!!!

    Therefor my recommendation for now: DON'T BUY THE HTC DESIRE PHONE at this moment 01.05.2011!!!!!

    My HTC repair ticket number from the US 10USCW52ENA001558 (if anybody from HTC read this!!!)
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