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  1.  Five Stars 31 October, 2014 On
    As advetised, by Amazon and my friends, a nifty way to read books, in light or darkness!
  2.  Three Stars 31 October, 2014 On
    i did not purchase this product!
  3.  Still the best! 31 October, 2014 On
    I've tried both touchscreen and PaperWhite models. If find the display is the easier on the eyes than the front-lit PaperWhite, the keyboard makes navigation a snap even without a touchscreen, and, being able to flip pages in either direction with either hand is a particular high-point. I find the size of this model-- about that of a trade-paperback-- and its noticeable heft as compared to touchscreen and Paperwhite models to give it an appealing, book-like feel when reading. The downside is, of course, the need for an external light.
  4.  Four Stars 31 October, 2014 On
    Love this Kindlel. The only thing that makes it better is the 3G.
  5.  Old but still a great piece of tech 31 October, 2014 On
    Old but still a great piece of tech, mostly intuitive, small and open enough that I can put almost anything on it so long as it is in a useable format
  6.  Five Stars 31 October, 2014 On
  7.  Greatest Kindle overall. 31 October, 2014 On
    Great device. I love the physical buttons and keyboard. I wish they made a paper white keyboard Kindle. 3g is awesome so I don't have to tether my phone for Internet. Make a new one with a keyboard!
  8.  Five Stars 30 October, 2014 On
    Outstanding device
  9.  Reasonably easy to use 30 October, 2014 On
    Reasonably easy to use. Really like the ease of loading books - quick too. The screen isn't as durable as I would've thought. Invest in a case for your device.
  10.  it was a good reading device 30 October, 2014 On
    I used it minimally for a while, and all of a sudden, it won't turn on. I tried everything, and I call the company and the warranty expired. it has NO physical damage, it just stopped. I went online and found many other kindle users that had had the same experience. while it was working however, it was a good reading device. it is stuck like this:
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