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  1.  I can adjust many settings without having to stop to use the on-screen menu. 28 February, 2015 On
    A primary reason that I bought the D700 was to be able to use older Nikon lenses. But I soon found that the best feature is that I can adjust so many of the settings using the dedicated buttons and dials without having to stop to use the on-screen menu.

    The low light sensitivity, image quality and focusing are outstanding. I wish that I had not waited so long to upgrade.

    My only complaint is that there are so many features that it takes a long time to learn how to use them all.
  2.  So far it works quite well and i love it much 27 February, 2015 On
    I am a beginner in the SLR world. So far it works quite well and i love it much. The operation software within the camera is the newest version, which makes me surprised. The experience of custom service in Amazon really impressed me much that they give their help to me with heart, thank you.
  3.  Five Stars 27 February, 2015 On
    love this camera
  4.  esxcelente 25 February, 2015 On
  5.  Five Stars 24 February, 2015 On
    Perfect! As described and delivered on time! Thanks!
  6.  Learn the ins and outs 24 February, 2015 On
    General: I had previously owned a d300. This is the camera I upgraded to. The crop factor is the same, so all of my previous lenses work with this camera. // The body is smaller than the d300, but the build quality is just as high. It feels solid and I enjoy having less weight at the end of my arms.

    Auto ISO: The auto ISO is extremely good. I can capture pictures in dark rooms where I wouldn't have been able to before. If you are a sharpness freak then I would stay away from the highest ISOs. //

    Video: The video quality is very good. The d7000 creates beautiful video with a little rolling shutter effect. // With one lens I have, the lens focus motor was so loud that I could hear it in the video. Just to clarify, I don't have a lens with which I've tested the loudness of the internal focus motor. The "face priority" focus mode is overactive in its focus search, in my opinion. I shoot video with manual focus now. // You can adjust the mic gain. The audio quality for video is exceptional considering that I wasn't expecting much. I got clear midtones and almost no tinniness.

    Bottom Line: I am thrilled with this camera. If you know its little quirks (crop factor, high ISO noise) then you can work around them for an incredible camera at a great price. I'm using this professionally as well as personally and couldn't be happier.
  7.  Five Stars 23 February, 2015 On
    Everything perfect!
  8.  Great upgrade for the kinda-serious shooter. 23 February, 2015 On
    What a great upgrade from my trusty D70. Yeah, the 7000 ain't the latest and greatest DSLR out there but for me it works great enough. Great set of features.
  9.  Five Stars 19 February, 2015 On
    FANTASTIC love this DSLR would buy again in a heart beat
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     Major upgrade in camera, totally worth the money. 18 February, 2015 On
    I love this camera body. Just got it yesterday though I had one borrowed from a fellow coworker, and using my 18-200 VR2 Nikkor lens on a weekend full of landscape photography I was amazed on how well it performed compared to my previous Nikon D3300, I mean, One of the reasons I made the upgrade to this D7000 body was the Focus Points, 39 vs 11 (at D3300), also its weather sealed to shoot under certain conditions, plus its more efficient Sensor....among other things...

    So I tested it and indeed felt like I was loosing time shooting with my previous D3300, of course, Im taking about my needs as a Semi-pro photographer...

    I didnt went for the Nikon D7100 since I put into the balance its difference between the previous version, and the huge amount of difference in price, just for the body, is crazy, so I decided to give it a go to this awesome mid-range camera. Also, for being a $500 body, I think its a great deal.

    My recommendation, get a decent lens, not the regular cheap ones, ---

    I gotta say that I am eagerly awaiting to further test it and take amazing photos.
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