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  1. 25 of 34 people found this review helpful
     I returned mine 31 December, 2010 On
    I was thinking of numerous headlines for this review:

    1. Not ready for prime time
    2. Wait for version 3.0
    3. You get what you pay for

    Ultimately, I settled on "I returned mine"

    I actually wanted the Dell Streak, even though I don't need/want its phone capabilities, but the price/size ratio is daunting, so when the Ziio came out with a bigger screen for less than half the price I pulled the 'buy' trigger.

    Out of the box, well, I wasn't in love with the white color, but since I was going to put it in the black leather case (well designed, btw) it was fine. I fired it up and it seemed to work fine. Unlike with my experience with the Creative Zen X-Fi 2 the touchscreen was responsive, highly satisfying, maybe even a little too responsive when scrolling. I got it to connect to my wireless router, after punching in the password about three times. I even managed to download the BBC News app.

    The problems started showing up the moment I began to download pics, videos and music to the thing. (BTW, 16 gigs is inadequate, what's the excuse when the Zen X-Fi2 comes with 32 gigs?) ZiiExplorer could not see anything that I had downloaded. It was only after a reboot that the contents showed up, even then ZiiExplorer was sluggish and not at all intuitive. Even after the reboot half of the images did not show up, the Ziio had to think about it for awhile before everything showed up. ZiiMusic fared better, with every song showing up and it worked fine, if not quite as responsively as it would on the Zen. Jack of all trades, master of none.

    ZiiVideo. I downloaded the Thor 1080 Quicktime trailer and it would play, but no sound. I fiddled with the volume controls. I ticked off every box on the Pure Android Audio controls. It was only after a couple of reboots that the sound returned. A Shania Twain WMV video repeatedly caused ZiiVideo to crash, this after pixelating like mad.

    A couple of days later the Ziio stopped recognizing my wireless router. It would say the connection was "remembered" but, curiously, "out of range". The router was sitting no more than two feet away. It would see every other wireless connection in my condo/neighborhood, however. When it was working the browser was just OK, but not real intuitive, so I was hoping Opera (my preferred browser) would make a version for Android. Reboots did nothing to solve the problem.

    I don't know if it is Android or the hardware, but things quickly went sideways. The on-screen keyboard shrunk itself for no apparent reason, squeezing itself into 1/3rd the usual size. The home, menu and return buttons either lost or switched functionality. Pressing home brought up the menu, pressing menu did nothing, pressing return brought up the shrunken keyboard.

    Creative needs to up its game in the support department. I repeatedly visited both and looking for support. Unbelievably,'s support page didn't know about the Ziio, while is woefully lacking in both content and support. I ultimately did reach a support guy and his first email suggested I free up memory and he asked if I could connect previously. I already had said it could.

    Bottom line, I'm hoping my unit was a lemon but I wasn't inclined to turn it into lemonade.
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     Save your money 23 November, 2011 On
    I've been a Creative labs customer for over 25 years. I've owned several SoundBlaster boards and currently have 3 of their mp3 players. Because of my positive experience with their mp3 players I purchased the ZiiO 10 inch tablet. It's been a major disappointment. I had trouble getting a sdmicro card to work with the unit. I even bought one that is on their "recommended" list. Battery life is very poor, watch a video (1 hour), play some games and listen to some music and you need to recharge after 5-6 hours. I owned the unit for 6 days then the on/off button stop working, the battery was fully charged but the unit would not turn on. Needless to say I return it!
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     Expensive Angry Birds Game!!!!! 12 February, 2012 On
    I bought this thing thinking that it would be able to run all the android applications. However, there are only limited applications that are compatible and Android Market is not able to download unless you hack this thing and shell root.

    Applications can only be downloaded from the Ziio site and they have a very small selection of unpopular apps. Tried to use Getjar, but they arent much better.

    Dont even think about netflix. Not compatible.

    Gave it to my six year old to play angry birds and bought a real tablet.

    Dont waste your money.
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     Screen cracks easily 15 January, 2012 On
    The glass on this product cracks very easily. Both mine and my brother's are broken, and neither of us treat our posessions poorly. I'm SO disappointed that after only one month of use, this tablet is now garbage!
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     Six months later it was toast 9 March, 2013 On
    I convinced my daughter that this would be a better way to spend her $160 than a refurbished iPod, which was what she really wanted. She worked so hard for her money, that I wanted her to get the most for it.
    Right away, this tablet was not as responsive as she expected. It needed to be turned off then back on fairly often due to apps that would freeze. Then the power switch stopped working about four months after purchase.
    It didn;t help, of course that she lost the power cord at that same time. Please realize that a new power cord from the company at that time would have cost us $40. This device can be charged through the mini USB.
    Speaking of the mini USB, my daughter bought a keyboard to plug in when she bought this device, but plug in keyboards do not work with this device. A nice afterthought.
    The clock kept resetting,causing trouble with all the apps.
    And now it charges and turns on, but will not go off the home screen. I have searched the ziio site, but have not gleaned any helpful information.
    As far as I'm concerned, this item was a waste of money when it was $120, and it is twice that waste now.
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     Don't buy 27 March, 2012 On
    I bought this for the media use including the Apt-x capability. Long story short, it is the least used among my 5 or more tablets. Why? This device is locked in to proprietary software. No Android Market. What you are left with is a budget device that you cannot really enjoy because by being greedy, Creative managed to limit their customers to options that are way below what the Android ecosystem offers. The build quality is also sub-par. The upgraded firmware is buggy. Ergo...don't buy. 1 star is not an exaggeration.
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     Worst Post Sales Service Ever!! 18 January, 2012 On
    I purchased the Creative Ziio 7 16gb tablet as a 2011 christams gift for my son. It took about 8 days to be shipped to me. On Christams day it was placed on charge after my son unwrapped it, as per the start-up instructions. It was clearly faulty as the screen would not boot up once fully charged. My son was gutted, and it needed to be returned. This is where the fun starts! Creative have NO facility for you to ring up a customer services team. If you want advice on a product, want to return an item for a refund, or want to make a complaint, its hopeless and it became apparent over the following weeks that they just arent interested and make return of an item and refund of your purchase fee as complicated and drawn out as possible. You wait days for them to respond to any online query - you cant return an item until they send you a return authorisation code and print-off address label, so you are delayed waiting for that. When they receive your item they do not confirm receipt, despite what royal mail tracking may be telling you about delivery date. They insist...would you believe..that you must send them a 'scanned' copy of your return postal receipt, otherwise you cannot reclaim the postage fee. Then, to top it all, they tell you that you must wait a further 30 days from them receiving the item back, before you will have the monies refunded to your bank account. The whole experience is truly dreadful and I urge all readers - BOYCOTT THIS COMPANY AND DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM THEM WHATSOEVER.
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     no working device 16 January, 2012 On
    devicelocked up afetr firts use and was not usable , not able to turn device off to reset it not able to go forward, so i was very unhappy with this device, i usually like creative products but this was a bust
  9.  AVOID AT ALL COSTS 14 November, 2013 On
    This is a terrible and unusable poor excuse for a tablet! It's use of 2.2 Android is so outdated it almost archeological! The capacitive screen is beyond pathetic and the resolution is unwatchable leaving me dizzy! This was a badly designed tablet that missed an opportunity to be a market leader and comparable to the original iPad!
    Now that Creative have closed all support for these tablets they are nothing more than paperweights!
  10.  Not fully Functional 9 November, 2013 On
    This is the beginning of Android tablets not fully developed. Skype does not work properly, the device seems to operate very slow.
    This device is discontinued. As for all tablets be careful regarding your selection.
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