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  1. 46 of 47 people found this review helpful
     Good value for the money 25 July, 2011 On
    I have to disagree with some of these reviews regarding the build quality of this Sony. I have owned HP, an Olympus, two previous Sony's, two Nikon's, and two Canon's. They were all 100% plastic bodies like the DSCW570. I carried them in pants pockets or a shoulder bag. Some were dropped more than a few times onto garage or concrete floors. None including this Sony ever suffered any damage because of the plastic case.

    If they broke, it was inside. The Nikon was dropped and the lens failed to extend. An earlier Sony became intermittent. They were sold or given away on Craigslist or BCKS. I carry this Sony in my pants pocket along with a cell phone. It has never been a problem.

    I went away from Sony before because I was tired of paying a lot for their proprietary media sticks but there were features of those Sony's I always liked. For example, the infrared focusing beam allows composing in total darkness something my HP, Olympus, and Nikon's could not do. I liked a feature which showed up in my second Canon. It automatically would switch to Macro mode when necessary and would automatically select a Scene mode in Auto mode. In Program mode, it allowed adjusting the exposure, metering method (spot, central area, multi-area), etc. The Sony does the same.

    All the other cameras were 3 to 1 optical zooms or less with similar f stop range to the 570 so I see nothing unusual about that. Some would automatically switch to digital zoom so it was necessary to watch out for that happening. The 570 does not do that. One of the earlier cameras had a battery compartment door switch which caused it to open when sliding it into your pants. I would reach for the camera and end up with a handful of batteries. The 570 does not do that either.

    Some cameras have the flash near the upper left side of the camera unlike the 570 which has it in the middle. I used to accidentally put a finger over part of the flash when holding the camera with two hands. That does not happen with the 570.

    What could be improved is that the electrical connector on the bottom of the camera is completely exposed unlike some cameras which have a rubber cover over it. I also miss the optical viewfinder that the Canon's had but they were larger cameras. A very nice feature is that the manual is actually stored in the camera. That feature was not in any of my older cameras. The written manual is pretty worthless since the camera's internal manual contains more information. The information does not entirely overlap. For example, the information about how many photos per battery charge is in the printed manual but not in the camera but the camera contains the information about all the onscreen icons.

    I also like the feature that you can review the photos in the camera without using the on/off switch which extends the lens. Just hit the review button and the screen comes on without the lens opening. By the time I count "one", "two" the image is up. Another feature not available in my older cameras is the ability to review photos by date. The 570 can display a calendar, you select the date, it shows the photos from that date.

    Some of my previous cameras had a battery low warning indicator but by the time it gave a warning, the batteries were about gone. The 570 indicator gives a more precise indication in bars like a cell phone signal strength indicator.

    Panoramic mode has been available on other cameras for awhile. It is not a feature I found worth while in any camera. I think this is a perfectly satisfactory product which has been trouble free and a pleasure to use.
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     Perfect little camera 2 August, 2011 On
    This is an excellent small camera. It takes very good quality pictures even in low light. It is smaller than the usual point and shoot camera and is very light. I also have a Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS and compared the pictures I took with the Canon and those with the Sony and I would say they are about equal in quality but the Sony is much cheaper than the Canon. The Canon is also a little bit heavier than the Sony. The only complaint I have is that Sony could do better with a longer life battery. I am very happy with my purchase (this was really just an impulse buy.) I am going to sell my Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS and just keep this little camera.
  3. 9 of 10 people found this review helpful
     excellent product!!! 10 July, 2011 On
    I'm so glad I bought this camera, the picture and video quality is excellent, I couldn't be happier. My daughter is beautiful of course, but since I've been taking shots with this camera she looks even prettier. I really recommend this product, it worth every penny.
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     Super little camera 30 July, 2011 On
    I love this camera! It easily slips into my purse (even in the little case I bought to protect it) or will also fit into a pocket. I love the ability to set it to automatic and the camera reads the environment for the perfect picture. The price was also great. I wanted a camera that I didn't have to fuss a lot with to take a picture and I got it in this one.
  5. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Tiny Incredible Equipment. 31 January, 2012 On
    I got the box and I was excited that it showed up as fast as it did. As soon as I opened it, I thought, wow this thing is little! I couldnt wait to get the battery in and take some shots! INCREDIBLE! This thing has a mind of its own! Its for idiots like me that are not shutter bugs! I turned it on and pointed the camera all over the room, different lighting, darker to light to see how well it would change or if I needed to make adjustments. The camera thinks on its own, changing the settings and fast fast focus! One handed use, while in motion, quick shots with no mistakes! This is one of the best cameras I bought! Its so small, it gets lost in my pocket and I love that, no one can tell I'm holding this little monster picture taker in my pocket! Pictures are perfect every time, no over exposure, very clear shots! What really blew my socks off was the sweap panoramic shot! You cant go wrong with it, move with it and it does the rest and get this, its just one swoop across! Not regestier marks to line up so it would piece together, just one sweep across the area! I love it, glad I bought it!
  6. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Love it, Love it. 24 November, 2011 On
    Very nice camera. It takes beautiful pictures. Love the panoramic picture. The movie is very clear and sharp. You can carry it in your pocket. Thin and small enough to take it to trips.
  7. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Crisp, Clear and Easy to Use 30 August, 2011 On
    I bought this camera as a birthday present to myself. I had no idea just how impressed I would be! I wanted an inexpensive camera to replace my Fuji 10MP. When I saw that the camera had 16MP I knew I had to have it. Not one bit dissapointed from the day I took it out of the box. I am still learning to use the features and upload photos to my favorite social networking sites. The picture quality is razor sharp!
  8. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
     Excellent Ultracompact! 12 August, 2011 On
    This camera gives so much bang for your buck. The camera is a great size to fit inside a suit jacket, loose pants, or purse. The image quality is great and the panoramic view is impressive. The smile detection, a feature that will automatically snap a picture at the best moment of a smile, is a lot of fun too. This is the first time I've used a camera that had a panoramic feature that uses multiple shots to generate one wide or tall image. It worked very well! The camera has other fun features like a timer that only takes a picture once one or two people are in the frame. If you're used to other cameras of the same year, you may experience a slower shutter speed than you're used to, but believe me, that is a slight if even noticeable drawback. I would highly recommend this camera.
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     Love It 10 June, 2011 On
    Great camera, Great photos, but the zoom could better. Easy to use. Convenient size. Great software, easy to upload photos, very user friendly.
  10. 8 of 11 people found this review helpful
     Sony Cybershot DSc-W570 21 May, 2011 On
    This is a great camera. THe pictures and video are very clear and of high quality. I love the program for downloading to your computer. The greatest feature is the soft skin mode, it erases acne and wrinkles, no need for plastic surgery. Love the color and size.
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