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     PERFECT TRAVEL WALLET 27 August, 2011 On
    I bought one of these for its RFID feature. I intended to use it just for travel. But I now use it as a regular wallet. It fits into my small purse quite well. I saw that those who left negative reviews were disappointed that it was too big to fit into a pocket. I cannot imagine a wallet that holds a passport to be any smaller. They should look for a regular wallet and not one for travel. This one fits a boarding pass, and has a clear pocket for a drivers license. It has slots for business cards and such, and a zippered mesh area, which I use as a more secure place to keep my more important credit cards. Along the side is a long zippered pocket for money. The neck strap is essential for me since I tend to be in a rush and a bit tired when I go through security. I can wear the wallet and easily show my id and boarding pass at multiple checkpoints. My husband saw mine and wanted one, but the place where I bought Had sold out. So I'm glad to see it here. He will likely keep his on his belt, using the belt loop that comes with it.

    I've looked at other RFID wallets, and this was the one that best suited our needs.
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     My Favorite Wallet! 3 December, 2013 On
    I am still using this wallet after almost two years since I bought it. I love that it is a trifold, and although it is ripped, I still use it. Not a hundred dollar wallet, but was just as good for me.
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     Great Wallet! 20 August, 2011 On
    Wonderful wallet! great organizer! worked fine went w me thru Nepal & India....very useful! Recommend to anyone!
    This wallet was sturdy, held out great, well thought out regards organization.
  4.  Great Travel Wallet 19 November, 2013 On
    This wallet is fantastic! As a women, I was able to wear it around my neck under my scarf with no problem. It fit in my daypack and purse. The card slots kept my credit cards and passport organized and secure. The zippered bill and change compartments are well made.
  5.  Great fit 1 October, 2013 On
    This RFID security wallet easily held our identification, cash, credit card and passports. I was able to take a trip out of the country without worry that someone with a skimmer would be able to obtain my personal information.
    Will always travel with it, and am considering carrying it in place of my current wallet.
  6.  Am I seeing a.... 6 September, 2013 On
    ...Fashion Bug store credit card?? I would buy this product on that fact alone. Bravo Conair design dept.

    also, it's well made and carries everything.
  7.  Everything I needed 14 June, 2013 On
    I was prepared for poor quality due to some of the reviews, but decided to take a chance anyway. Not to worry.
    Some of the reviews stated that the neck cord wasn't attached soon as I got it I tugged on the neck cord and it was secure. There were other complaints, none of the problems were apparent on the two that I got.
    We are going on a cruise soon and will be using this wallet to carry our passports, credit cards, etc.
    About the only complaint I have is that I got 2 and there is no way to put a name on the outside to tell which one it is.
  8.  Perfect for trips 12 June, 2013 On
    I used this recently on a trip to Disney World and would never do another family trip without one. It was an easy way to store our access cards, gift cards, money, and ID and it sits right on your hip when you use the shoulder strap. Highly recommend.
  9.  Based on price this was great 8 May, 2013 On
    Used this for our 4 week trip to Morocco, Spain and Portugal and then loan to son and fiance for their trip to Iceland including biking around for miles. It is light and works - tested it - and while it is not the sturdiest piece, it is well designed and lasted.
  10.  Useful RFID protector 5 May, 2013 On
    I read all the reviews on this before purchasing the wallet. When I travelled, I used to carry my regular wallet and a separate executive case for my passport, boarding passes, etc. I have now been able to collapse these into one set, using this new wallet. It's not leather and it's not fancy, but it works.

    Here's my additional comments over and above what else has been written:
    1. It nicely holds a US passport.
    2. I put my driver's license and a few business cards in the see-through slot on the right.
    3. In the mesh zippered pocket on the left, I inserted a10-sleeve plastic holder that holds 10 cards, 2 per page. These are cards I don't use regularly but do carry (e.g. AAA and AARP cards, additional credit cards, health insurance).
    4. I added a thin check holder to the wide back slot, so that I could put US currency in front of the holder and foreign currency behind the holder. The slot has a zipper but I don't use it. The slot will hold boarding passes too.

    1. I wish the back slot were a little bit wider (maybe drop the zipper) so that I could put a printout of my airline itinerary in it.
    2. I don't see where to put change so am carrying a little change purse now.
    3. There's no way a man could carry this - it's too big -- but for a woman who travels regularly this is great.
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