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  1. 33 of 34 people found this review helpful
     Clear pictures with little delay. 7 August, 2011 On
    I really like this little camera. I spent several weeks shopping around for a digital camera that could do it all and I think I got it when I bought this camera. It met most of the criteria on my wish list with 14.1 MP and 720p HD video. The X4 zoom was initially my only disappointment but after playing around, I soon discovered that it goes more than x4, just at a lower quality picture.

    I love how easy this camera is to use. It takes really clear pictures with ease. My previous digital camera had over a second delay and half the time my shots turned out fuzzy. With the "Easy" mode, the camera does all of the work for you and usually the camera is right. I use this to take pictures of my 3 year old daughter who is constantly on the move and the camera takes nice clear shots. Also the camera is fast (for a digital). From the moment you click the button, it is only a split second before it takes the shot which makes it easy to capture the moment you want to keep.

    I also enjoy the "Discrete" setting. I used this setting while visiting a museum and I love that there was no embarrassment of beeps and clicks while I fumble with the camera to turn off the flash. It's fast and quiet and the camera still took a good picture in low lights w/o the flash. However I did have to rest my arm or the camera on a stable surface.

    I haven't played around much with the video camera yet. The zoom lense is noisy so I think that might pick up with the sound quality but considering I had good luck with still photos on low lights, I don't think the video will be a problem as long as the camera isn't jostled too much.

    For the price, this is the best camera your money can buy. I know that there are better camera's out there with more features, but this does everything I could ask and more for a family camera.
  2. 45 of 52 people found this review helpful
     Great little camera! 23 March, 2011 On
    I read the other review of this camera and decided to purchase it anyway. This camera takes great pictures! Its inexpensive, small, and simple to use, exactly what I was looking for. 5 stars!
  3. 18 of 19 people found this review helpful
     Mom armed with Canon = Every Kid's worst nightmare 22 January, 2012 On
    I love this camera. I have owned a Samsung camera, I paid over $200 for, it was also a good camera. When it broke after about 2 years, I bought a Fuji. We don't use that one anymore because it took too many blurry pictures. I got this Canon camera because it was on sale at Target. Target gave us a $30 gift card for buying it. What a deal! It has a lot of modes to choose from, should satisify the simple shooter to those looking to take better and varied pics for something like a SCRAPBOOK anyone?!? The fish eye effect would rarely be used, but you see its interesting for funny photos (they picture a dog that was shot using the "fisheye" effect above). Maybe if you hate someone from work you can use fisheye and make their nose look huge then tag it on facebook, I don't know. Hehe.

    But here are some of the features:

    First of all, you can always change the settings of the timer, flash, and display (you can have the date show on the pictures...or choose not to) no matter which types of pictures you wish to take. You always have the options to change those things.

    Now for the meat: The notches you can choose on the wheel up top are: Program, Live, Auto, Easy, Scene, Effect (I guess I'll call this one that), Discreet, and Video.

    Program mode, you can adjust all of these settings:
    ISO speed
    WB setting (white balance I think)
    My Colors (black/white, sepia, custom, etc.)
    Single shot or Continuous shot
    Evaluate (brightness based on overall scene)
    Size of the shot (From 4320x3240 for 16x20 inch pictures down to 640x480 for email attachment pictures...they also include a widescreen option)
    Normal quality or Fine quality

    Live mode you can adjust:
    Dark -------------- Light
    Neutral ------------Vivid
    Cool ---------------Warm

    I never use that mode.

    The auto mode they choose all the settings for you other than:
    Size (16x20" quality or email attach quality, and all the qualities in between)
    Normal quality or Fine quality

    Easy mode, you cannot change anything other than the things you can always change, like timer, display, and flash. Guess they wanted to make easy mode...well...easy.

    For Scene mode, the choices you have the options to adjust depend on the scene you select, for instance, if you choose portrait you cannot adjust white balance, but if you choose blur reduction, you can. The scene modes you can choose are: Blur reduction, portrait, landscape, kids&pets, smart shutter, low light, beach, foliage, snow, fireworks, and long shutter.

    In effect mode (don't know what it's actually called, but in function set the effects are the things at the top you can change) you can change the effect; choose from fisheye, miniature, toy camera, monochrome (b/w, sepia), super vivid, and poster effect (a unique feature). In most of those effects you can change to normal or continuous shot, and normal or fine quality. Some you can also change the picture size.

    Discreet mode is fantastic, you can take pictures quietly and discreetly, all you hear is a tiny "click". Won't even wake a sleeping baby, trust me. You can adjust white balance, colors, single or continuous shots, picture size, and quality normal or fine.

    Video you can adjust standard or miniature effect, white balance, colors, and quality from HD movie 1280 or down to 320 (longer movie, lower image quality)

    There is also a zoom in/zoom out on this camera, and a massive amount of other things you can do as downgrading the picture size after it has been taken, viewing slideshows, etc. You really would need to read the book to learn of the full potential of this camera. I recommend this camera. I do get some blurry pictures, but not too many. The stats on blur are probably about 1/10 really blurry, and 2/10 slightly blurry (from an isolated blurry arm to edging seems a tiny fuzzy). Most of them are clear. The pictures I take are mostly pictures of my kids at home. I love this camera, and I hope you do too if you decide to buy it.

    I hope that helps you all make your decision, and you are welcome!
  4. 18 of 19 people found this review helpful
     Excellent point and shoot for non-hobbyists 14 January, 2012 On
    I gave this camera to my girlfriend for Xmas as her Samsung point and shoot was borrowed by one of her daughters and returned without the shutter button. How does that happen?

    So to begin this review, let me start by saying the A2200 is NOT a camera for a hobbyist, semi-pro or someone wanting to shoot in manual and learn the exposure triangle. It would NOT be my choice for a creative tool to be used to "make art". However, for the vast majority of amateur camera users, who just want to point and shoot and take snapshots, this little Canon is a ton of camera for the money and all they will need. For under $90 street price, you get a lot of bang for your buck, and much better image quality than you can get with an iphone camera.

    First, the lens is very good for the price class: opens up to f/2.8, 4 times optical zoom and 28mm on the wide end. Better specs than the lens on my $300 Canon SD780. Second, the processor, DIGIC 4, is also very good and Canon somehow managed to pack 14.1 megapixels on to a 1/2.3" sensor without creating a noise monster. Third, Canon figured out how to make a SMART AUTO setting that actually works properly. For a novice or someone who just wants to take snapshots, this is all they need. Just compose, squeeze the shutter half way to lock in focus and exposure, and snap away. If you can't do that basic procedure, stick with your camera phone. Seriously. Rant: It amazes me how many people spend no time at all composing, then they plunge that shutter button down, shaking the entire camera, not letting the poor thing autofocus. And then they take crappy pictures and blame it on the camera.

    If one wants to expand their photographic envelope just a bit, the A2200 has creative filter options, such as miniature effect and fisheye, to name just two. Also comes with a lithium rechargeable battery and more cables than my Nikon DSLR shipped with. Canon is good about giving the consumer a decent set of accessories.

    I've tried all the creative filters and various settings and it was not difficult for me to take a few artistic shots with the A2200. My guess is the majority of users will keep it set to SMART AUTO and be happy with the results.

    Bottom line: the A2200 is an excellent choice for someone desiring an inexpensive point and shoot. And produces much better results than a camera phone.
  5. 15 of 17 people found this review helpful
     Awesome new camera 7 April, 2011 On
    I purchased this a few days ago to replace an older camera, and I love it. All of my test shots have turned out beautifully when I uploaded them, and the new fish eye and miniature settings are fun to play around with.

    My only concern is that the flap that covers the a/v out ports now opens in a new way, so that the pieces holding it on are under a bit of strain when it's plugged in to your computer.
  6. 8 of 8 people found this review helpful
     Works Wonderfully. Get it! 27 March, 2012 On
    Ignore all the negative nancy's on here. I feel like they're not realizing that this is JUST a compact camera.. It's not going to take the same pictures as a DSLR. If you want a camera that takes professional looking photos, drop another 700-900 dollars on a nice camera.

    This camera is great for the price it's being sold at. First of all, it's a Canon; there's no going wrong with these cameras. I have a Canon Rebel t3i and t2i but wanted a smaller canon to carry around in my purse. This Power Shot is great, the 14 MP *along with* my 32G memory card allows for really great, clear pictures. Obviously if one is moving rapidly and shaking the camera, you can not expect any camera to take a clear picture, but with good lighting or a flash, this Power Shot takes clear pictures. Even when there was low lighting, the camera still takes decent pictures (but not as clear).

    I've taken this camera on several rendezvous over the past month since I've gotten it, and have used it at the beach (high light exposure), camping in the mountains (fire and nature), at parties (people moving very quickly), and on rainy days (poor natural lighting). This camera succeeds my expectations for a compact camera, and wherever my pictures are posted of these events, people always complement them and suggest that I "bring my camera next time we all go out".
  7. 11 of 12 people found this review helpful
     Lives up to Canon brand 6 June, 2011 On
    This is exactly what I expect from the Canon brand. The pictures look great, and the camera is super easy to navigate. All of the photo options are fun to tinker around with. If you don't like to mess with settings, then there is an auto mode that takes pretty good pictures. For those of us that like to have more control over the picture, there is a mode for that as well. You can't really change too much beyond shutter speed, iris, and other such basics. If you want to get really in depth, then you shouldn't be shopping for a point and shoot camera. The camera is light weight and compact. If you want something to fit into a pocket while you're out and about, then this is definitely the way to go. The last Cannon I had has held up for years. The only reason I bought a new camera was for an upgrade. Cameras have more oomph now than they did six years ago! And this one was worth the hassle of upgrading! I expect another six years of picture taking with this one.
  8. 6 of 6 people found this review helpful
     Excellent little camera for general use! 23 September, 2011 On
    Looked at a lot of different cameras before picking this one. Used it for a vacation trip, and am very satisfied with the results. Battery lasted for several days. Video works great. I also use it for close-ups to post photos for products on eBay, and it is easy to do. Lots of options.

    Picture is clear IF you don't just snap - it takes a second for it to focus, so push the button half-way, pause, then all the way. The only downside is that it takes a while to actually get the picture. We were at Seaworld and tried to photo the whales jumping out of the water. By the time the picture actually took, all that was left was a splash of water. So not good for instant shots, or at least I haven't figured that out yet.

    Worth the money. And I bought a Case Logic TBC-302, which is perfect for this camera. Less than $6 on Amazon.
  9. 5 of 5 people found this review helpful
     Great for its price range 13 June, 2012 On
    A lot of people reviewed this negatively but I feel like they just don't know how to use it properly. If you don't take the time to learn about the camera first it will just shoot average pictures, but if you read the manual and play around with it you can take some awesome shots.
  10. 4 of 4 people found this review helpful
     Great Little Camera! Always works, Always gets perfect shots, So many Features! 5 February, 2012 On
    This is a wonderful little camera. I received it for Christmas, and it was just about the time to replace my old Powershot sd600. This is such a big upgrade! I love the discreet mode, perfect for shooting during a speech or meeting. I like how there are so many options for getting the best picture, but I mostly use the Auto mode. I like e 4x optical zoom, with an additional 8x digital zoom.
    I don't see why there are so many low reviews, this camera has worked perfectly for me, and It is the best camera I have ever used. Wonderful price, too.
    It works great outdoors, indoors, and I really like the feature where you can tell it what kind of lighting you are under, like Daylight, cloudy daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, high fluorescent, or custom. I also like how there is a separate button to turn face recognition on or off. Iuse that a lot.
    Overall, A great camera, lots of features, works perfectly, and great for shooting video.
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