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  1.  DSC HX9V - Not happy 22 February, 2014 On
    I'm not a camera person - at all. F-stop, ISO, aperture -- not a clue.
    I primarily wanted something to take picture of the kids at home, outside playing, on vacation, etc...
    And I wanted something that took video, because the idea of carrying two devices around wasn't appealing.
    Finally, i wanted something that had good zoom and i could put in my pocket.

    On one hand not the most stringent of requirements, but also not the easiest to fulfill.

    This camera takes really great video outdoors, decent video indoors, and decent pictures outside. That's it.
    Indoor pictures are TERRIBLE. In the standard "Super Processing mode", the images are seriously red-shifted. Indoor pictures of my kids look like caricatures.
    Outdoor pictures are better and the colors seem more real - still a little red shifted, but the sun seems to help out.
    Putting the camera in Program mode and playing with the White Balance helps. But then it seems to wash out a bit.
    And I didn't buy an expensive P&S to fiddle with white balance.

    The zoom is great, but after a certain point, the pictures get a bit grainy, so effectively you're not going to use 16x zoom.
    Auto focus outside is pretty good. Indoor, not so much - you'll definitely miss shots.
    The video, as I said, is very good.

    I had a Canon (old one) before, and that thing took forever to focus, but the pictures it took were great. Part of it is because that camera wasn't part of the MegaPixel race, so they just made a good camera.
    Nowadays, to please less than informed customers, companies make 90 billion pixel cameras coupled with the same sensor that once served 5 mega pixels cameras. Oh well...

    As for this camera, I can't possibly recommend this camera to anyone.
  2.  It's ok 20 December, 2013 On
    They talk up the sensor like its awesome stuff. It's really just ok. It over saturates like crazy. It's aggressive with ISO and noise correction. IF and only IF you are comfortable with venturing off of the full auto, will you produce real good pictures. Especially indoors, full auto turns out pictures that either are full of noise because of aggressive ISO, or over exposed flash, with cranked up reds. I don't know how you get a good point and shoot anymore, I have experienced this with another model of sony, my panasonic is wild with noise, my good old 5mp Sony DSC100 blows so many new ones out of the water. They are not focusing on the important things right now, it's all fake bells and whistles, marketing, low on substance. Hold out, tech moves fast, and smartphone camera's are forcing evolution in sensor tech. Point and shoots will be good again, but not right now.
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     LOVED, but Quality declines over time. 26 May, 2013 On
    When I bought this camera, I loved it. Zoom feature is nice & picture quality great as well. The only thing is, is that you have to SOMETIMES find the right picture setting. Otherwise, if u put it in Automatic (the best picture quality mode setting), it can drain your battery a lot quicker. Also, I must mention, I've had for about 2-3 yrs (I think) & the lens sometimes doesn't close or open completely. An easy fix, but sucks sometimes. Shutter speed also declines slightly. The biggest thing, though, is video quality which is it's greatest feature, along with its panoramic feature & zoom. Its size, as compared to the DSLR's, makes it pretty marketable as well, BUT If could say this, I'd get a higher version of this. Woit first, though, unti thel price drops since the quality (like many other products) can get slower or go down a little over time. Bought Amazon insurance for it, but I believe it might be expired as it's been at least 2-3 yrs since we first purchased. Good Luck on your decision! Not a bad camera, IF all of it's features stayed the same over time & if a little slimmer. Get, if mainly using for it's HD video quality. :)
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     I only use this for concerts now... and not for much longer... 27 April, 2013 On
    I bought this for a concert and a subsequent Disney vacation. My main purchasing criteria were the 16x zoom, high-quality video, and the idea of 3D pictures. I was very happy with this for almost a year, but the limitations of this camera quickly became apparent.

    The single biggest problem is the JPG compression. It is extreme in this camera. It does a lot of noise reduction, and then it compresses it way more than necessary. Looking back, I consider many of the pictures that I took to be essentially ruined by this process. Despite that, if you need a camera that is relatively cheap with some decent feature, and you need it to fit in your pocket, this isn't a bad choice, but it isn't a good choice either.

    From here, I moved up to the RX100 (awesome camera, but limited zoom) and the Alpha 65 (really awesome, but it is a big, full-sized camera). I've still been bringing the HX9V to concerts simply because of the zoom. I'm now replacing it with a Fujifilm F900EXR which should outperform the H9XV is every aspect and still fit in your pocket. If you are making the decision for a pocket-sized compact zoom, the Fujifilm options are the better bet (especially with RAW support).
  5.  It was very good until it began misbehaving after 5 months 20 December, 2012 On
    rear control buttons (namely the control that serves as both a d-pad and wheel) has gotten stuck so its d-pad function compromises the entire control as one corner appears to be active at most of the times that only means that as far as you are navigating through menus, the settings get changed not by yourself but by the stuck d-pad, now I will have to either open it my self and see if it can be easily fixed or rather taking it for a full control board replacement and i don't think it is the cheapest thing to do.

    The other thing is that after having spent some time in sandy places some dust can be seen inside the lens barrel, it doesn't affect image thanks to God, but that's another thing that would require a full dis-assembly so as to get rid of.
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     IT CONKED OUT AFTER A YEAR! 8 August, 2012 On
    I initially loved this camera. The picture quality is nothing short of amazing! The videos are excellent, the zoom range is great. I loved this camera. I babied it. I treated it with so much care. I never dropped it, wet it, hit it etc. It still looks brand new actually. BUT now after a year and one month of ownership, the camera is not working. I would recommend that you buy a warranty and DO NOT MISPLACE IT, as I did with mine. Because you might need it.
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     Great Gadget, Great Videos, Ok Photos 13 July, 2012 On
    I bought this camera as a travel camera. We have several cameras in our household, ranging from cell phone cameras up to a entry-level DSLR. This camera has a fantastic feature-set (best available at the time). It is a good size. It has a great zoom range. It's advanced photo modes like handheld twilight are very useful and hard to find from other manufacturers. And, it takes outstanding videos. I have no doubt that I made the right decision with this camera purchase. Yet, I find myself dissapointed every time I use it. The camera has several annoying quirks like a proprietary cable, but the big letdown for me is inaccurate color reproduction. In it's automatic and scene modes, the colors that this camera produces are overly saturated to the point where they almost look cartoonish. I compared this camera to every other digital camera my family owns (2 iPhones, 2 other P&S cameras, 1 DSLR) by taking the same photo in the same lighting conditions from the same distance. While the Sony HX9V held it's own and came out ahead in several other attributes, I preferred the color reproduction on every other camera (the iPhone 4S is a little wild with the colors too). To be fair, I was able to acheive much better colors with the HX9V by using the camera's P and M modes, but then you lose out on a lot of the cool features that make this camera such a great choice to begin with. Also, to be perfectly clear, it is not that the colors produced are not pleasant, it's just that they don't look real to me. It's as though the designers chose to make the photos "pop", rather than look real. I imagine that color reproduction is a relatively subjective science and that personal preferences will vary on this (many may not even notice). Everyone has different things that they are sensitive to in their photos. For me, it's color reproduction and in the case of this camera, it's a deal-breaker.

    Best Features:
    -Pictures are very sharp and clear
    -Video picture quality and sound quality are both outstanding (we rarely use our dedicated video camera anymore)
    -Great zoom range for a camera this size
    -Many, Many features including GPS tagging
    -Ultra fast shooting allows many cool and useful modes like "Handheld Twilight"
    -Panarama mode is very easy to use and turns out nice shots
    -Build quality is solid
    -Good low-light performance

    -Inaccurate color reproduction
    -Proprietary cable
    -Dowloading photos to Mac computers using iPhoto is not as straighforward as other camera brands
    -The battery charges in-camera, so if you want to charge an extra battery you will also need to buy a separate battery charger

    This is a well-featured camera that shoots great videos and sharp, clear photos. I really wanted to like it, but inaccurate color reproduction is a deal-breaker for me.
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     Poor photo quality of expensive camera 27 June, 2012 On
    The reason why I chose the camera is because I wanted to get a smaller analog of a camcorder with good video recording.
    Many camera reviews point out that the video functionality is excellent and photo is good, and rate the camera with 4-5 stars.
    Those were my expectations. Now here is what I've got.

    I can confirm that the camera has a very good video recording feature.

    But let's return to its main functionality, meaning photo shooting.
    This feature is completely frustrating. Awful photo quality. The picture is so bad with all possible settings that the negative impressios I have from video recording dominate over positive. 14MP pixels... why do I need them if the resulting picture quality is much worse compared to the old 5MP cameras? Even more the picture quality is worse than what my phone can produce having a 3MP camera without auto focus.

    There is an opinion that it might be fixed with a firmware update but Sony have no plans to make it. The support team just answers that you need to learn to shoot, you have a wrong mode, and so on. Sony think all of us are idiots. And I really feel myself like an idiot who has paid so much money for such a ... camera.

    Final conclusion:
    I do not recommend buying this model. Very good video and VERY bad photo quality.
    Instead try paying attention to cameras having at least good video and good photo.
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     poor image quality 16 April, 2012 On
    I bought this camera during the end of March and could not get a chance to explore it till yesterday. It does have lot of features. However, am not satisfied with the quality of the images produced by this. All the photos were taken with i+ mode ON and picture size set to 16M. The image gets totally distorted when I view the actual size in any picture viewer of my computer. I would expect it to perform better than this.

    I am planning to return this camera and get a canon powershot elph 320/Sh100
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     Good features-poor image quality 11 April, 2012 On
    This compact digital still camera has rich features but image quality is poor with tiny bsi cmos sensor. it has a bit disappointed me.
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