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  1. 0 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Two Stars 23 December, 2014 On
    Didn't like it, gave it away.
  2.  It's ehhh. 8 July, 2014 On
    I have had this camera for a while now. This camera works perfect if you have lots of light. The flash is excessive. If you use the flash the object will be brightly lit and the background will be solid black. The camera has multiple settings but you have to hold the camera perfectly still or the image will be very blurry. Even when you are holding it perfectly still the camera try to focus and ends up still being blurry. This camera is AWFUL for taking photos of children or anything moving unless you have lots of light. Once you do snap a photo the camera takes such a long time to set up for the next shot that you end up missing lots of great shots.
  3.  actually a used camera sold as new 10 June, 2014 On
    While the camera itself seems to be in good condition, the condition of the box(original packaging) clearly indicated that this was a camera someone had received as a gift and didn't want. The box the camera came in ( not the package it was then shipped in) was torn apart. This was a problem because I was giving it as a gift. Also, it was described as new. The whole thing was shipped in a padded envelope, which worked out ok but was not a good choice for shipping a $300 camera.
  4.  Has a mind of its own 13 October, 2013 On
    The camera replaces a Canon A-70 which until its display failed, took better focused pictures. Plus the Canon has a viewfinder which helps composition. I cannot rely on the Nikon's display to tell me that I am focused. I have also used a Nikon FE, a Rolleicord, Polaroids and a 4x5 view camera and I know what is necessary for good exposure, focus and composition. I don't blame the L120 for being out of focus or for not using the flash but I feel like I am trying to hack or debug it even after reviewing the instructions. This camera is handicapped by its automation.
  5.  Tried to like it, but... 1 April, 2013 On
    One year warranty and product developed issue with lens extending then freezing, up after one year, 8 months. This is my second Coolpix, as the first one, an S640 also quit working within a year. It was still under warranty, fortunately. Love the pictures and the camera functions just fine, but really wish they would "keep working". I keep them in camera bags, indoors, in air conditioning, handled with care. Junky products don't last, and I for one, am tired of junky products that do not last. Hoping Nikon is not resorting to profit over quality.
  6. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Blurry pictures 21 February, 2013 On
    Bought this camera specifically for a land/cruise Alaska vacation. I was very disappointed in the quality of the pictures. It works great if all you want is 'still' landscapes, but if you have any motion whatsoever or dim light the pictures invariably were blurred. the zoom is adequate for the motor drive portion of the zoom but almost useless regarding the digital zoom. In almost all of the digitally zoomed pictures the subject was almost unrecognizable. Of all the point and shoot cameras I have owned, even those for considerably less money this one is the worst. The 'auto' modes are completely useless when it comes to action shots. It seems the only way to capture a picture with any motion, even if the subject just nod their head, is to use the 'sport' mode. Of course this means you have to discard 6 or 7 pictures to keep one 'good' shot. All in all a major disappointment for a NIKON branded camera.
  7.  Bought based on reviews..hate it! 22 December, 2012 On
    I bought this camera for my daughter who is into photography. She used it a few times than never touched it again. We can't get clear pictures, even in bright light. i thought it may have been us so I had my friend, a professional photographer look at it and he agreed..the focus and pictures should be much clearer than they are. I tried to get in touch with Nikon, but they want me to email proof of pictures with focus problems and they MAY see what they can do. Which is not a problem, but I can't get my computer to detect the camera. My next camera will be a Canon, enough of this junk!
  8. 2 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Not impressed 29 June, 2012 On
    I got this camera for Christmas. I was so excited, but that excitement faded as I started using the camera. It drains batteries so fast it's getting to be extremely expensive to use the camera. Even rechargeable ones are drained within a day or two. While the zoom on it is pretty amazing, that's about all it's good for. Trying to take pictures of my daughter results in blurry pictures and disappointment over those missed moments. It seems to take forever to reset after you take a picture, so there are many times when I miss getting a shot due to waiting on the camera. I've tried all the settings, and unless the flash is up, anything that isn't zoomed in a lot is blurry. And there are just times when having the flash up makes the pictures worse, so you're left to choose, blurry pictures or super dark pictures.

    I wouldn't recommend this camera to anybody. I've had better pictures come from a cheap digital camera, and for the price of this camera, I was expecting it to act like it was worth the money. It isn't. Save yourself some hassle and keep looking at a different camera. You'll be thankful you did.
  9.  pictures no good 15 June, 2012 On
    This product was a dispointment, have been on two cruises with it, pictures just do not turn out well, smaller compact camera does better for sharpe pictures, stay away from this one.
  10. 5 of 5 people found this review helpful
     Poor choice for indoors or for non-stationary subjects (I get blurry pics no matter what I use for settings) 14 March, 2012 On
    I took well over 300 pictures using many combination of settings (auto, scene modes, VR, flash, ISO, etc) at my daughters indoor dance show and unfortunately was not able to find a setting that is going to work acceptably for this situation (indoor, medium light). I found that VR on this camera didn't seem to help much at all if there is much movement in the subject. I also was not able to get pictures of my kids at a birthday party that are acceptable - there is some level of blurriness in almost all of the shots.

    I thought I was having some success with the sports mode (those pics looked Ok on the LCD), but once transferred to the PC, they were unacceptable, even though I used the highest resolution available. I see that Nikon even suggests a different camera for people wanting good indoor or low light photo capability in their recent advertising, so even they don't recommend this model for indoor pics.

    So this camera seems good for outdoors with lots of light, when taking photos of stationary objects or landscapes. But things with movement just aren't working out for me. I returned it since my previous Panasonic SZ7 outperforms this L120 (I was also A/B'ing the two).

    I was also not happy with the clarity of the pictures - they seem a bit off even on stationary objects with lots of light, almost like the autofocus does not work really well. After reading other reviews, it seems that others are also having problems with blurriness indoors or with pictures of people too, so I guess I'm not alone on this.

    Also note that it is possible that my L120 was defective - I just can't believe so many people are giving such good ratings for the most part based on the types of pictures mine gave before I returned it. And I am actually a test engineer by profession and am certain I was setting things up correctly when I did my trials with it, so possibly my camera was defective since I could not get good pictures with it no matter what I did. Thanks for reading.
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