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  1. 44 of 55 people found this review helpful
     NO WARRANTY, Lost My Money 3 December, 2011 On
    Please make sure you read the one star reviews about products. I am not giving the product itself one star, but the whole situation. Please keep in mind as noted in the item title "NO WARRANTY" this is so pathetically true. Two months into purchasing this amazing phone, it all of a sudden will not turn on anymore. Its completely dead. I contacted the seller and he was more than helpful, not. He suggested I contact Latin Samsung, as he wants nothing to do with making his customers happy. Latin Samsung is a joke and they do not want anything to do with USA/CANADA.

    I was basically left high and dry with a phone I spent over $600 for. I finally talked to samsung usa and they offered one of their repair depot companies that I could PAY someone to fix it for me. In case this happens to anyone else who purchases this phone in this particluar situation,here are the details. You can call Service Absolute at 1-514-738-8333, and they should be able to repair any phones provided by samsung.

    The Galaxy S2 is the most amazing phone, and now that I have had it, I cannot go to any other phone. I suggest people only purchase items in which to seller will actually back their products they sell.
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     A secondary item 17 September, 2013 On
    This is a very bad buying experience. The phone is a sencondary item, absolutely. The camera is broken very seriously. The key on the screen does not work.

    I want to give it zero, but you don't give me the chance.
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     This is a not original Samsung 11 January, 2013 On
    Good morning,

    Estimates come from a Samsung to try to repair the phone and they tell me that this phone is not a Samsung original, is a clone and that the battery is a generic ... besides that here in my country do not have those parts. Refund request for that reason as explained fully in the first email you sent me ....

    I really feel cheated

      This is the center of my city Samsung: SOLUTIONS SETEMCA cellphones, CA 0251-2552471 / 0416-6563881; Avenue Extension Lions, DC Royal Park, Local PB-11.Barquisimeto, Lara.

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    Like in my invoice said:

    1 of: Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 8 MP Camera, Android OS, 16 GB Internal Memory, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and GPS--No Warranty (Noble
    Condition: New
    Sold by: TheArunKhurana

    I was expecting to received this product, but when it arrived I found out that the phone was the Samsung i727 and not the i9100. It came without a box, just in plastic bag and the phone had been used before. The phone have many scratches in the battery door. I am very dissapointed with this seller, because I thought that everybody who sells in Amazon are honest and truthful.
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     Failed after 90 days. No warranty 19 February, 2012 On
    I've used the product for less than 90 days and it doe not turn on.
    I live in Argentina and they refuse to repair it since it's greymarket.

    I have searched amazon and couldn't find a way to contact the seller

    Any suggestions on how to proceed ?
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     problems 16 October, 2013 On
    I fave a lot of problems with this phone. First the sound is not working, you have to pres on the bottom of the phone to heard the sound. Second the screen is creak from the first day. The conclusion, the phone was not new. 270 $ for a piece of crap.
  7. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Possible Knock Off 26 August, 2013 On
    My brother bought a SII in summer of 2012 for $450 which works great; I bought Samsung i9100 Galaxy SII in July 2013 for $265 which was a complete dissappointment. It came in an ill-fitting non-Samsung box with a non-Samsung battery. Though I bought it a year later, mine had an "older" operating system than my brother's which he bought a year earlier. It would not hold a charge, it dropped calls, it didnot have same wireless Wi-Fi range as my brother's bought a year earlier. It perfomed so poorly that my brother and I concluded Samsung had sold rights to their SII (S2) to an after-market company who is "dumping" knock-off inferior versions into market at roughly half price. At half price, this phone is NOT worth it. I bought it from Deal Grabber who refunded my money in full (a good thing). I HIGHLY recommend NOT buying this and instead, invest your money in a SIII (S3) or SIV (S4).
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     Did not like it 20 August, 2013 On
    Att had all kind of problems setting it up, had to go to AT&T 4 different times, still not working properly
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     the phone does not work well 20 September, 2013 On
    Hi, the phone does not work well, the GPS does not work, no good sign, do not enter all calls, does not detect the external memory. I request that I be refunded the full value of the purchase.
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     Bad Cellphone - Doesn't recognize SIM Card 31 January, 2014 On
    Bad equipment. They sold me a chinese product and it wasn't able to recognize my SIM card. Also the material of the cellphone is bad.
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