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  1.  I don't know if the seller sent me a bad phone or what 29 July, 2014 On
    I don't know if the seller sent me a bad phone or what,,,but the battery only lasts about an hour. terrible
  2.  trash!!! 27 July, 2014 On
    this phone is junk. not even one star for this crap. dont recomend this is a chinese phone with only chinese letters nothing to do with how it loooks it even has an antena !!!!!!!!! took two months to get this phone !! and its worth nothing the most its worth is $$10
  3.  Not good 30 May, 2014 On
    This phone was sent to me but i am not pleased with the function of the phone. it sometimes gets so hot that i have to take out the battery to let it cool down before i can use it. The phone is always getting stocked unnecessarily and it will stop working, i always remove the battery before it can start working again. I am about to contact Amazon that this is not a good phone as i am preparing to return the phone. I will not recommend anyone to buy this phone from this buyer.
  4.  Phone was defective 29 May, 2014 On
    Phone was defective, was told it likely had a firmware/hard drive problem and seemed to be heating up when it locked up.
  5.  worst buy ever, seller its a thieft 13 May, 2014 On
    i bought this phone from the seller "Cellphone Zone" it had a nice reputation and i trusted that the phone would be in like new condition, when i received the phone, battery was dead, caharger and cable didnt really work either, he refund me $20, got the phone started just to find out that it ONLY works on ONE band (GSM - 900MHZ) i cant even get it to connect to any of the UMTS bands, phone came with 2 different IMEI's, seller told me that previous owner must have change the motherboard, i live in venezuela and its expensive to send the phone back, phone doesnt work and seller hasnt really help in any way
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     Bad Cellphone - Doesn't recognize SIM Card 31 January, 2014 On
    Bad equipment. They sold me a chinese product and it wasn't able to recognize my SIM card. Also the material of the cellphone is bad.
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     Product did not work 17 January, 2014 On
    This product worked only the first month and we a software update was made the IMEI code was deleted and there have been no way to solve the problem. This phone is sold with a model version that is not the one inside the phone... I have wasted $254.00 for nothing. Do not buy this product!
  8.  works at first but starts to have problems 14 January, 2014 On
    Im on my 3rd s2 and each one has had many bugs. Works great at first but after time my phones just randomly start restarting when im in the middle of doing something. ..very annoying.

    Also the settings constantly pops up while im typing and causes me to go to another screen and sometimes deletes all my text.

    It also has problems charging. Maybe its just me but like I said this is my third one (2 are refurbished insurance replaced so that might be part of the problem) and ive had the same problems with all of them
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     is a fraud--es un fraude 21 December, 2013 On
    I received an phone does not work
    the phone screws missing
    not turn
    the phone does nothing
    was a gift and made me look bad
    I'm furious
    should not be allowed to cheat the customers this way

    yo recibi un telefono que no funciona
    el telefono le faltan tornillos
    no prende
    el telfono no hace nada
    era un regalo y me hizo quedar muy mal
    estoy furioso
    no deberian permitir que engañen a los clientes de esta manera
  10.  COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT 20 December, 2013 On
    This phone was gone in 2 months! First, the sound was not working properly as soon as I charged it, then, the phone would erase all my contacts every 2 hours, then, the alarm woulds never work. After a few weeks of battling with those little issues, the phone started to not notify me of incoming calls...I had a lot of communication issues. Finally,it completely broke... I am really disappointed, for a $300.00 purchase, I expected better!
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