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  1.  Kindle e-inks are the best gift money can buy 20 September, 2014 On
    My Kindle was the best gift I ever received, and I was thrilled to pass the joy on to my Mom with this purchase.
  2.  All in all it was a great buy but I was under the impression it was ... 19 September, 2014 On
    All in all it was a great buy but I was under the impression it was touch screen bc of the lack of keyboard. I guess I shouldn't have assumed but I don't recall reading it wasn't. so you have to use the little arrows to input each letter....its bothersome. The size is great though and its easy to figure out and to download and read books :) and games but again bothersome bc with word games you have I use the arrows to input each individual letter. I'm happy with it though but I would probably have shelled out the extra for the paperwhite instead had I known it was not touch screen -_-
  3.  Just like it says 19 September, 2014 On
    Just like it says. It is like reading a paper book in bright sunlight. no problem seeing the printing at all. I highly recommend this reader.
  4.  I love real, physical books too much 19 September, 2014 On
    I am one of those individuals who swore they would never get into this e-reader trend. I love real, physical books too much. I will still buy books I absolutely love and want to cherish in paper form, however, I must admit: This device is worth the money. (Especially if you're buying used/refurbished.) In two weeks, I've already saved enough on books to pay for my used Kindle. And other than pushing a button to turn pages, with this Kindle, the experience is very similar. No, there isn't the book smell, or the feel of paper, but put a leather cover on it, and you feel like you're reading a very nice copy of something. The clarity of the words is incredible. It weighs almost nothing. Which, for those of us who have read several thousand page novels lying on our sides in bed, trying to figure out how to hold the book without making our arms go limp after a while... The words on the screen are incredibly clear, and turning pages happens very quickly. The screen doesn't go dark, because there is no light behind it. "Sleep mode" with special offers (if you opt for that cheaper option) takes a long time to set in, so it can't happen in the middle of reading a page. (Unless you fall asleep.) As to the special offers, personally, I don't mind them. They let me know about $1.99 deals, and many other offers for Kindle owners/Prime users. Without the special offers, I wouldn't have found out that Prime users get a free un-published book each month. Or have the ability to use the Kindle Owner's Lending Library. Over-all, I'm incredibly happy with my purchase. Just a bit guilty about leaving paper books behind.
  5.  Well worth the money and simple to use. 17 September, 2014 On
    Had this Kindle for several years now. No problems what so ever. Infinate selection of books and magazines. Well worth the money and simple to use.
  6.  Five Stars 16 September, 2014 On
    my mom loves it.
  7.  Piece of S*** 16 September, 2014 On
    The Kindle is a piece of s***. I used to like mine, but it broke for no reason, and warranties don't exist for it. You can't be reimbursed for the books you bought, even though they are now useless to you--customer service tries to convince you that you're going to want to read them on a desktop computer, which is ludicrous. My Kindle broke out of nowhere while I was on vacation (the reason you buy a Kindle, yes?), and I was stuck staring out windows until I could get to a city that had books in English. It was impossible to make phone calls, but Amazon refused to address my problem through email. Read real books and don't waste your money. I'm going to cancel my Amazon Prime membership and disengage from them entirely, this has been a completely awful experience.
  8.  Perfect for the traveler/on the go personality. 15 September, 2014 On
    Love it! Basically everything about the Kindle is great. For me the biggest benefit is its transportability. If you are someone who travels regularly and also reads regularly,there's no better option. You don't get the screen glare from other handheld devices/tablets and you can buy an inexpensive case that has a light. When we lived overseas, bringing books across was cost prohibitive and didn't make a lot of sense in storage. But the Kindle allowed us to have our books everywhere. Really good.
  9.  great for outside reading 14 September, 2014 On
    like my kindle. like that I can read it outside without a glare
  10.  Three Stars 14 September, 2014 On
    Bought for a friend so I can't review.
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