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  1.  Simple and profound, But could be better depending on what you want it for. 24 April, 2014 On
    I really enjoy reading books on this thing. However I am a biologist and this means I often have to reads PDF files. The controls to do this are clunky at best. If you don't read PDFs all the time then get this there's nothing wrong with it, its one of the readers that started it all.
  2.  grand daughter loves 23 April, 2014 On
    i bought this for my granddaughter who's an avid reader & she was very I have to keep her in Amazon gift certificates, so that she can order more books!
  3.  Kindle, 6" 22 April, 2014 On
    I never thought I would ever purchase a Kindle but I'm sure glad I did. This comes in so handy I never knew how much fun theses are. This now goes everywhere with me. Great product to have
  4.  Love it 22 April, 2014 On
    A nice small addition to my purse for reading books on my commute to work. Lightweight and practical. I would recommend.
  5.  My 6" E Ink Kindle 21 April, 2014 On
    Love my 6" E Ink Kindle. Small enough to fit right in my purse, yet can set font to a comfortable size for reading. User friendly. Amazon could not have been more helpful in making the transaction go smoothly.
  6.  One of my favorite Amazon purchases 18 April, 2014 On
    One of my favorite Amazon purchases. I primarily check out library books on it (almost as easy as purchasing the books, and perfect because I rarely read books twice.) I would definitely recommend saving the money to get the Kindle with Special Offers as the ads only appear on the lock screen and don't bother me any other time. And occasionally I have even purchased the advertised item! It is lightweight and is easy to slide into a purse or even a lab coat pocket for a slow day at work.
  7.  Well worth it! 18 April, 2014 On
    Purchased this as a gift, well worth the price. For those of us that just want to read and keep information, this product is perfect. I've had one for 2 years and gave this as a gift, best gift ever received, don't need all the bells and whistles just to read a book! Would recommend to a friend.
  8.  Wish I had gotten the more expensive one 16 April, 2014 On
    I was very reluctant to get a kindle. I love the feel and look of regular books. But I am converted! The kindle is so handy, it is
    irresistible. The print is easy to read. The free books are a feast. Now I want all the bells and whistles!
  9.  My second Kindle 16 April, 2014 On
    This is a great improvement over the original. I especially like the backlighting that allows me to read without requiring a reading lamp.
  10.  Dead 15 April, 2014 On
    Died for no reason & I can't reset it without unglueing the back & risking breaking it! Bogus!! Won't turn on at all. No hard treatment at all. Very disappointed.
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