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     Broke after 4 days 26 February, 2012 On
    I received this tablet on a Tuesday, and while I was setting it up it did a minor OTA update. Everything looked good except that it kept dropping the wifi connection. Netflix looked good, YouTube looked good, and the video streaming from the USB drive played perfectly. Then on Thursday it did a major OTA system update, presumably to version 4.0.3. It took over an hour to update and everything worked fine after it rebooted itself. But on Friday, the day after the major system update, when I tried to power it on, nothing happened. Thinking that I needed to hold the power button down longer, I tried again. Well, I tried several more times, and finally I decided to check to see if the thing was even alive with the charger on. There was no light, red or green, on the button. It was DEAD! Four days after I received it!

    Needless to say, I contacted ACER customer support, and after being passed on to two different off shore customer support persons, I finally talked to a technical support staff based in the US. There was nothing he could do to help me if the tablet wouldn't power on. The technical support person was nice and arranged all the paper work for the tablet to be sent in for repairs at their Texas facility.

    I liked the way it looked and the fact that was slightly smaller and lighter than the Viewsonic G Tablet that I already owned but very, very disappointed with the product for failing on me 4 days after receiving it. :-(

    Update: 4/26/2012

    So I had the tablet sent in for repairs to Acer's repair facility in Texas. It took 5 days to get there by FedEx ground, and another week for the repairs, and it was shipped back to me on a Monday and I got it on a Thursday. From the repair report, there were two things that were replaced - the side cover and the processor itself. The tablet has worked flawlessly (except for the dropped wifi connection that happens occasionally, and I gather that has more to do more my wifi router because it never drops the connection when I used my iPhone as a modem when I travel) since I got it repaired, and there was one more major OTA system update since.

    After the initial disappointment, I am quite happy with the product so far. I am adding another star to my review. So if you are one of those who had similar experiences, send it in for repairs, and you will be glad you did! :-)
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     Beware - Do Not Purchase! 19 March, 2013 On
    I purchase this tablet Feb. 2012. The tablet has worked all fine and great until just recently. When I say recently I mean 2 weeks after the 1 years warranty expired. It also seems many other users/customer are experiencing the same problem. The problem is the screen or digitizer goes crazy, and it appears the glue used to hold it down isnt good enough, like at the bottom edge. the screen becomes un usable.. apps opening on their own, cant press keys or letters on keyboard. as with other users its same symptoms along the bottom edge of screen is problem. press there slightly and apps will open close etc etc. I contacted Acer support, no recalls, no known defects known of this rep, said my warranty expired, and basically SOL. So I paid for this tabled 350$ used it maybe 6 times when traveling over past year now it is junk. Unacceptable!! Contacted Acer support again requested to speak with level 2 support. Finally they admitted that this is a known problem and would repair the tablet at no cost to me and even though its passed out of warranty.
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     Somewhat disappointed 24 October, 2012 On
    Seemed to be a good choice, good reviews at a good price. Unfortunately, I kept having trouble with the touch screen which was very erratic. Sometimes it worked great, others hit or miss. And sometimes it wouldn't work at all. Tried to get used to it, but it was just too much aaggrevation to put up with. It could have been just that particular unit, but I didn't have the stomach to try another one. Switching to another brand.
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     Not bad... But, wifi connectivity leaves a lot to be desired 15 August, 2012 On
    we have an iPad and a Kindle fire, so we're not new to tablets. But we wanted a larger Android (for the apps) tablet that had a camera and microphone and could do Skype. We received the tablet in a timely manner and for the most part it worked well. The resolution on the camera leaves a lot to be desired, but we knew it was only a 2MP camera. Some other negatives are that it has too many ways to access programs and can get confusing, not enough documentation and no manual to give you thorough instructions on working it. It took a while to learn how to get around it. Finally, the worse is the wifi connection is very poor. I don't have a problem with the Kindle or the iPad getting and staying connected to the wifi at home. I can go to my patio and get online with them. But with the A200 I have to be very close to the router to get a decent wifi signal. This was the biggest let down. I attempted to contact the manufacturer and I could not get a live person. All I was able to get was a forum where I found others that had the same issue. I was extremely dissapointed. Amazon support is great. Apple's support via email is good too. But, for the Acer is was frustrating to get anyone to help. So, I had to return it.
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     If I had a few more dollars 16 October, 2013 On
    I would have gotten a new tablet instead of a refurbished one. There may be a problem with the display memory (occasional screen flashes) Otherwise it is a great tablet for the price. I would highly recommend it.
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     its good for the price 10 October, 2012 On
    the tablet works great if you dont want to spend so much its perfect, but the case material seems a little bit cheap. i bought this for a friend and i really still prefer my A500
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     I wanted to like it 8 October, 2012 On
    I love Android - beats IOS hands down for usability (IOS is boring - my opinion and speaking from experience). So I searched high and low for a decent low priced tablet to replace my frustrating rooted Touchpad. Since I already have an Ipad as my primary device, I was not looking to spend big $$ for yet another tablet. I thought I had it with that A200. A very good price for what appears to be a well built tablet. Thought I had it made. Let it do the on-air update, and then downloaded a sound app to boost the speakers a little. Took the A200 to the bedroom along with the Touchpad for a true side by side test. Ultimately, I am going to return it. Here's why:

    1 - No IPS screen on the A200 makes a big difference when compared to an IPS screen (Touchpad/Ipad)

    Deeper colors, more contrast, and slightly sharper display than the A200 though at a "lower" resolution (?). I watched a movie side by side between the TP and the A200 and the flesh tones were washed out, and did not have the same look as the TP. The red on the Netflix app was considerably duller on the A200 (Ironically since Netflix appears to be promoted on the Iconia's)

    2 - Wifi - Did Acer fix this or not?

    Not sure - maybe still needs to be fixed more. In my bedroom, probably 30 feet away from a very good router, I had no problem streaming the movie to the TP - not the same with the A200. I could not get strong enough bandwidth to stream this without it being blocky and stuttering (basically unwatchable). I also loaded some web pages side by side using Chrome and the TP loaded them faster.

    3 - Sound - as other reviewers indicate, the speakers are OK at best. Headphones probably would be a better experience. Movie sounded not as full compared to the TP speakers.

    I dislike the TP - its heavy, it has a poor build quality, and HP abandoned it. But unfortunately, I like it more than the A200 at this time.

    The A200 may be for you if you are not too particular in what you are looking for, and are close to your router.
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     could have been better.... 2 October, 2012 On
    Screen is great, interface is too. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it won't play all videos on the internet. It dosen't come with adobe flashplayer, which many sites use. So you have to go thru a process to get it and once I did it still won't play. Specifically, if you go to watch free tv shows on NBC it won't play them, yet it will play the same thing if you BUY it from Amazon. No problem playing Utube either.
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     Great tablet but...... 11 March, 2012 On
    I received the tablet just before noon. After turning it on and setting it up I turned it off to allow it to fully charge. After an hour tried to turn it on. No matter what there was no response.

    I chatted with Acer support and they setup the service return. Once I get it back I will update my review.

    So I only had it for a couple of hours. I will be patient and wait until it returns from Texas.

    This problem seems to be common and I think it is a glitch in the OTA upgrade.
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     Awesome tablet, only has a few problems 8 November, 2012 On
    This tablet is perfect for the everyday user, not so much for the die hard Android fans that love tweaking and modding their devices.


    Well built (little on the heavy side)

    Large screen


    Acer software (ring etc)

    Battery life

    USB port

    Micro SD support

    Mouse&keyboard support

    Android 4.03


    Slow (easily fixed with rooting and overclocking)

    Low speaker volume

    16:9 ( Who wants to hold this in landscape all the time?)

    Awkward when in portrait

    Jittery when browsing web pages

    Horrible home screen scrolling


    Unless you develop a habit of closing open apps constantly to be able to use this tablet efficiently, rooting is a must.

    I want to like this tablet, but its just not right for me

    If you like occasional web content, movies, books, etc, this is the tablet for you.
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