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  1.  Get a better tablet 23 February, 2015 On
    It was fast when I first used it. Got glitchy afterwards. I sold it on ebay.
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     Three Stars 18 October, 2014 On
    Had USB port messed up but working
  3.  Not good. 25 August, 2014 On
    Takes forever to load. Was delivered to my door by a man in a car. Strange. Took almost 3 weeks. Not good. Have owned this for less than 6mo. Now it wont even power on
    What a wast of time & money. Seller wont do anything, Acer wont answer the phone calls
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     Great value when I bought it in 2012; has slowed down a since. 21 May, 2014 On
    I am rating the Acer Icona A200 16GB tablet.
    When I bought it, I liked it better than the Apple iPad2 and it was nearly $100 cheaper. The graphics are almost the same as the iPad2, but the speed wasn't as snappy. I have had it for almost 2 years. Here are my findings:

    Haven't had any issues installing programs - everything installs flawlessly.
    Finding a case was pretty easy to find and pretty cheap.
    Graphics are a close match to an iPad2 tablet.
    Video plays flawlessly. Same with audio as well.
    Has USB and SD input - put audio, videos, and books, all of which played great! (you may need to install video programs that will play everything). I think the max is 32 GB which is sufficient.
    Battery life will last for days with no use; probably about 10 hours with medium use.
    Druable - the thing has been dropped (mainly on carpet) many times, my 4 year old kid decided to STAND on it and no cracking (yikes!),

    Cons (and the reasons why I give it only 3 stars):
    I paid $299 for this in 2012 - too much for this lower budget tablet.
    Power: Requires its own power supply and doesn't use the micro-usb charge port like many tablets and cell phones.
    (I am anticipating for the power port to break very soon as it feels fairly flimsy)
    Sound quality and volume: Speakers are USELESS! At full volume and I am straining to hear whatever I am listening to. Sound quality of the speakers are pretty terrible as well. Thumbs down on this. Use earbuds or hook it up to a small sound box or something.
    Acer Junk APPS - there are a bunch of pre-installed apps which suck, and suck the power out of the battery. You cannot install or stop them as it is running an older version of Android. Eventually, I am going to root the tab, but I hear that it doesn't speed it up any more than stock. Bummer.
    Speed - says it's a dual core but it doesn't perform like one. I had a single-core phone that performed better than this tablet. It isn't horribly slow, but sometimes it gets bogged down (probably because of the Acer Apps).
    Reboots - Every once in awhile, it locks up and reboots....and it takes a whopping 3 minutes before it comes back on. Way too slow as other tablets boot up much faster than this.

    That's all I can think of for now. I will eventually upgrade to a better choice. If I had to do it all over again, I would have done a little more research. I feel for the folks who's tablets didn't last them more than 6 months. That sucks! Really disappointed with Acer who would rather repair the unit instead of issuing out a brand new one. Tells me that there is a lot of bad quality parts in this unit. I guess I got lucky with mine as I have had it for about 2 years with no major issues.

    Good luck and happy shopping!
  5.  Ok tablet. Nothing great. 16 November, 2013 On
    This tablet is ok. Basically my daughter (4 years old) is the one who uses it. Tablets just aren't all that useful for adults. I kind of think they are a fad.

    The touchscreen calibration doesn't seem as good as I've seen in other tablets...or maybe it just isn't responsive.

    Also, I was disappointed that it has received no OS updates. Other Iconias have, but this one is stuck where it was when I bought it.

    It works fine to entertain my kids, though.
  6.  Nice tablet, but REALLY HEAVY!! 11 November, 2013 On
    Tablet is fast and very user friendly. The screen seems to have a matte finish so the colors aren't super sharp, the sound is pretty good. As for the weight, I never really think about the weight of the tablet because they all seem pretty much the same. But, this tablet is ridiculously heavy! It actually made my hands start to hurt using it. I now know to check the weight - compared to other tablets, this is probably one of the heaviest on the market.
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     If I had a few more dollars 16 October, 2013 On
    I would have gotten a new tablet instead of a refurbished one. There may be a problem with the display memory (occasional screen flashes) Otherwise it is a great tablet for the price. I would highly recommend it.
  8.  Decent for the price 8 September, 2013 On
    Videos won't play on this that play on my Note. I had to download a codec pack and separate player. Transferring files to mass storage device takes forever or doesn't work at all. But paid a good price and everything else works well.
  9.  ok 16 August, 2013 On
    it is better product than the others that i bought but since i bought the refurbished, i ran into couple of issues after couple of months the tablet restarts itself without notice and recently it stuck at the intro screen and i couldn't even recover the software. so it is laying on the side now, wish they'll take it back and fix it at least
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     Beware - Do Not Purchase! 19 March, 2013 On
    I purchase this tablet Feb. 2012. The tablet has worked all fine and great until just recently. When I say recently I mean 2 weeks after the 1 years warranty expired. It also seems many other users/customer are experiencing the same problem. The problem is the screen or digitizer goes crazy, and it appears the glue used to hold it down isnt good enough, like at the bottom edge. the screen becomes un usable.. apps opening on their own, cant press keys or letters on keyboard. as with other users its same symptoms along the bottom edge of screen is problem. press there slightly and apps will open close etc etc. I contacted Acer support, no recalls, no known defects known of this rep, said my warranty expired, and basically SOL. So I paid for this tabled 350$ used it maybe 6 times when traveling over past year now it is junk. Unacceptable!! Contacted Acer support again requested to speak with level 2 support. Finally they admitted that this is a known problem and would repair the tablet at no cost to me and even though its passed out of warranty.
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